10 Pictures to Fail your Wit: Bet you’ll Look Twice!

Well, pictures are definitely misleading… And there is no more practical statement than this in facebook age! Is there?

Here, we’ve got you some pictures that say it loud and clear, that pictures can be even more deceptive than appearances. And I bet….You will have to look twice at each picture.



Being the center of attraction can land you in serious problems sometimes!


The side effects of having a fat friend with jumbo arms!!!


Be careful when some of your friends are clicking the picture with you being in the background! It may turn out disastrous like this!!!


Oh no no!!! This is just a naive bicycle seat! Rest your dirty minds!


And, also be careful of what the girl next to you is wearing!!! Marilyn Monroe would be cursing these girls from heaven!


Again the bicycle seat does the mortifying job! Quit the bicycle, guys!


Think twice before selecting beige interiors for your car. You don’t want to be confused with car seats. Do you?


So what do you have to say about this babe in black here? Trust me; she is totally innocent in this picture!


Mind your hand, boy! See what you did to the picture!


So, do you see three legs here? Haha! Gotcha!