10 People You Must Meet Before the World Ends and Why?

1. Kate Middleton

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Why ?-  Because she is the new obsession of the world. Thanks to the high profile public appearances, Prince William for an arm candy, Sarah Burton on speed dial and now the latest pregnancy.

What to ask her?  – Can we swap places? Grimace

2. Arjun Rampal

Why? – Because every woman wants to bed him!

What to ask him?-  When do you plan to quit acting? Grimace

3. Marc Zuckerberg

Why? – Because oxygen, food, water and facebook, are essential to a man’s survival.

What to ask him? – Can you adopt me?  Shy

4. Felix Baumgartner

Why?-  Because he is the highest skydiver, fastest skydiver and hero of the live video that eight million people tuned into.

What to ask him? –  Where do you hide those balls of steel? Sorry

5. Baba Ramdev

Why? – Because he once was the unofficial doctor of the entire country.

What to ask him? – Why don’t you cure your own eye? That constant winking is pretty gross. Evil Face

6. Rahul Gandhi

Why? – Because he’s no good in politics, and he’s no good elsewhere. UP election was a major crash. (Mr. Gandhi, Are you listening?)

What to ask him? – When are you getting married and flying away for a honeymoon forever?  Whistling

7. Rajnikanth

Why? –  Because those millions of jokes and one liners clearly point to his forever “trending” status.

What to ask him? – Do you play with your own fleet of jokes, and how often do you visit your own temple?  Astonished

8. Stephenie Meyer

Why? – Because getting married to a human being seems impossible now. We want those chiseled looks and back rides in deep forests too.

What to ask her? –  Why did you put an end to Twilight? Keep writing, please!  Disappointed

9. Anna Wintour

Why? – Because each issue of Vogue is like the holy Bible to us.

What to ask her? – Can I replace you? Mouth Watering

10. Harper Beckham

Why? –  Because daddy David dotes on her and daddy is such a hottie.

What to ask her? –  Baby, can we borrow your daddy? Love & Kisses