10 New Year Resolutions That Sound Weird

We are to adieu the year 2012 soon and embrace the 2013, in optimism of better times ahead. As the ‘New Year’ comes, we begin to think of new resolutions, changing a bit about ourselves. But, we think of only those resolutions that bring positive changes in our life, not of the ones that give us “true” happiness.

Most of us choose those common resolutions like losing weight, quitting smoking, etc.  But, there are people who come up with their ‘own, real version’ and make uncanny resolutions that have no positive impact on their lives. I came across such bizarre and strange resolutions, and I would like to share with you. Here, I go-

1.    Complimenting Someone Everyday

2.    Becoming a liar

 3.    Making A New Friend Every Month

 4.    Learning Useless facts

5.    Replacing Bad Habits With Other Bad Habits

6.    Inventing A New Trend

7.    Learning The Names Of Flowers

8.    Breaking Traffic Laws

 9.    Stop Wearing Sunscreen

 10.  Texting Without Using Thumbs