10 New Year Resolution to Make your Relationship Lasting

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What is New Year commitment you wish to make this year? Certainly, your resolutions are allied to your business, career, education, fitness and health….But what about your relationship? Don’t take your association with your partner for granted. Put some spotlight on your love also this year. Accept your partner fully and try to comfort him totally.

1. Pay Heed


When you’re with your partner, ensure you’re wholly with him. In this digital age, you tend to be multitasking when your partner is into conversation with you. Don’t do this. Don’t let yourself get distracted by texts, e-mails or IM’s. Make a promise to yourself, to bring a change in your habit and listen to your loved ones with all due attention.

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2. Show Appreciation And Gratitude


Pledge to appreciate and express gratitude for your partner’s efforts. A relationship gets tremendous boosts by doing such small things. When a partner receives appreciation, he/she puts more efforts, to make the relationship stronger and lasting.

3. Do Not fret


Don’t take your partner for granted that many couples do when relationship goes old. Don’t pick up unnecessary petty fights with your partner if something bothers you. Instead, talk to your spouse and try to clear the air. Small-small backbiting and unkind comments are enough to erode a beautiful relationship.

4. More Physical Intimacy


In today’s busy lifestyle, physical intimacy seems to have lost or has merely become an act. Take efforts and make your sexual life exciting and fun. Relish the time together and make memorable moments, instead of taking it as a ‘task to do’.

5. Eat Healthy And Workout Together


Eat healthy and hit the gym together. This is much supportive and motivating when partners workout together. This resolution will keep both of you fit and in size.  This is a brilliant way, to strengthen your relationship.

6. Stop Criticising


Do not criticize, instead praise and compliment your partner. It is common to ignore the goodness of partners and start off criticizing them for petty things, when couples spend time with each other. It is not right for a relationship. Avoid doing this!

7. Be A Good Listener


Don’t nod your head or dominate in a conversation. Listen and understand partner’s worries and problems to

8. Speak Out- “I Love You”


Saying this may appear adage, but it is vital for every relationship. Don’t just say in a casual way, but in a manner that you truly mean it. Look deep in her/his eyes and then say. This makes partner feel extremely happy and gives strength to the relationship.

9. Have Entertainment Together


Indulge yourself with your partner in recreational activities. Make efforts and put in some fun in your routine life. Have play board games or pillow fights, role play, dice games, scrabble, etc. This will fill your dull life with fun and enjoyment

10. Go on a date


Make some time off from your busy schedule and relive romantic moments with your partner. Take your partner out for ‘date nights’ regularly. Regular dating will keep the romance intact in your relationship.