10 Must Try Monsoon Special Recipes

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Relieving you from the crucial heat of the summers, Monsoons have again brought a reason to celebrate the moment with a variety of dishes. The season is not only celebrated, lively, all over the country, but also elevates our urges, to have the recipes that can keep our senses alive throughout the year. Hence, Feminiya brought you an exclusive range of recipes that will satisfy your monsoon temptation, with excellent choices of cuisines, popular across the nation.

The list takes care of your special delights, to ease your cravings, and showers your taste buds with mouth watering flavours and fragrances. Let’s make this gala time even more scrumptious, by having these magical recipes, this Monsoon!

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1. Pav Bhaji Masala


 Read recipe: How to cook Paav Bhaji Masala

2. Egg Vegetable Cutlets

Read recipe: How to cook Egg Vegetable Cutlets

3. Moong Dal Ki Bhajia


Read recipe: How to cook Moong Dal Ki Bhajia

4. Corn Kebabs


Read recipe: How to cook Corn Kebabs

5. Cauliflower Manchurian


Read recipe: How to cook Cauliflower Manchurian

6. Tofu & Veg Fried Rice


Read recipe: How to cook Tofu & Veg Fried Rice

7. Mushroom-Rajma Curry


Read recipe: How to cook Mushroom-Rajma Curry

 8. Fish Rolls


Read recipe: How to cook Fish Rolls

9. Tangy Garlic Chicken


Read recipe: How to cook Tangy Garlic Chicken

10. Chocolate Snack Cake


Read recipe: How to cook Chocolate Snack Cake

We hope our ‘Must Try Monsoon Special Recipe’ list has compelled you to rush into your kitchens, to try these lip-smacking dishes one-by-one. Try these amazing cuisines with given detailed instructions, and handy tips to make your efforts worthwhile, and let the compliments shower on your way, with the drizzly-mizzly rains this year.

Happy Cooking!