10 Must Do Prenatal Yogas

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Sometimes, it gets tough to stay fit during the period of pregnancy. Yoga practiced during the pregnancy is a great workout which is healthy for you as well as for your unborn baby too. It teaches how to calm your mind and body using breathing.

Prenatal yoga practice will give you   both physical and mental benefits and will also ensure easy pregnancy and a natural child-birth.  More importantly, it will do wonders for the mental and physical development of your fetus. To achieve delightful pregnancy and other phenomenal benefits, practice following easy yoga -asana regularly-

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1. Mountain Pose(Tadasana)


It is a standing yoga position. The posture is a reminiscent of the permanence of the mountains. If this asana is practiced regularly, the practitioner achieves the peace of mind with strength, still and relaxed power. The feeling of anxiety is relieved to a considerable extent.

2. Warrior Pose


It requires the stretching of legs and arms. Its regular practice improves the stamina and enhances the concentration. If you’re burdened with severe neck problems and high blood pressure, you must avoid practicing this posture.

3. Triangle Pose(Trikonasana)


It is meant for mediation. It is practiced at the end of every yoga session.

4. Hero Pose(Virasana)


It is a fundamental sitting position/posture to stretch the ankle, strengthen the feet arches and to improve the overall body postures.

5. Standing Side Stretch Pose


It includes getting into a simple stretching position with one line of energy reaching upward and outward from the belly and through the arms respectively. And the second line is made to travel downwards through the legs.

6. Cat Pose(Bidalasana)


It builds the coordination of body movements and breathing. Both of these are basis of yoga during the pregnancy.

7. Fish Yoga


It relieves the stiffness of shoulder muscles and neck. The flexibility of the spine is also improved. Hence, it is highly recommend yoga practice for pregnant ladies.

8. Saga Twist Pose(Marichyasana)


This asana is great for the abdominal organs and spine. Though, it is slightly difficult yoga posture to be done during the pregnancy. Ensure if you perform this, you do it under the presence of a trainer.

9. Tree Yoga


It is a good yoga to give strength to calves, ankles, thigh and back of the practitioner. It helps in improving the concentration and overall balance.

10. Corpse Pose(Shavasana)


This is a super relaxing pose in which you need to lie down on your back   with legs and arms spread at about 45 degree. Keep the eyes closed   and breadth deep.

To give birth to a healthy baby is a dream of every mother and yoga helps you to do.