10 Most Hilarious Celebrity Makeup Disasters

We totally adore our Btown celebs. Don’t we? Well, let’s decide that after having a look at these awful makeup disasters they showed up with

1.  Sonam Kapoor

We consider you our style icon girl but what’s wrong with you. A common mistake with Sonam’s makeup is – she always looks a lot powdery. How we’d love to see her in a dewy subtle look. And in the above picture her dark circles are glaring apart from the discolored lips and inconsistent lip liner. Sinful! And don’t even get me started on the second look! Phew!

2.  Kangana Ranaut

Do I need to say something about this now? You already don’t have a perfect skin and this oily foundation is giving a ghastly touch to the face. Also, too much blush, in fact it looks like she accidently fell into some blusher pool and forgot to wipe her face. THOSE hairs are only adding up to the disaster!

3.  Ameesha Patel

Okay, so this image was taken at night with the flash on but that doesn’t justify your cruel makeup lady, coz there were other people in the same party at the same time whose pictures have come quite fine. The already fair skin of yours did not need this extra foundation , and for god’s sake who puts blush on the nose? Too much to take!

4.  Bipasha Basu 

I don’t know why people use foundation as a magic cream to look fair. It must match your skin tone… now bipasha’s real skin color is showing through the mismatched foundation. Jaw line and forehead has not been covered properly. Contact lenses are glaringly obvious and scary!

5.  Bipasha Basu Again

I am already not a very big fan of this flashy cheap red dress of yours, and what’s with the scary eye makeup? And the best part… this is how she decided to appear for IIFA! Since when we started using liner from nose to the temples, instead of eyes? Whatever you were trying to do, girl!

6.  Celina Jaitley

Looks like this was Celina jaitley’s odd trick to be in news, so that people don’t forget her. Glittery eye makeup makes her eyes look identical to some horror movie ghost with such disfigured lipstick. A total no no!

7.  Rani Mukherjee

Rani Mukherjee looks anemic with the purple smoky eye makeup and nude lips. And guess what? She decided to show up like this at the Toronto film festival! Rani, if the idea was to match your eye makeup with your dress… it was a drastic one!

8.  Deepika Padukone

I love her style mostly, but the pink lipstick looks so out of place on her bronze tone. Your gorgeous eye covers up a lil for the sinful lip colour, but seriously, it looks pathetic on your otherwise gorgeous bronze skin.

9.  Priyanka Chopra

After being under the knife, Priyanka Chopra opted for a natural makeup look, which failed radically, as we can see in the picture. Her powder foundation makes her face look all cakey. Overdone blush and the jawline looks like some chalk powder spilled over her. A total fail, PC! We thought higher of you!

10.  Aishwarya Rai

I’ve never been a big fan of aish’s style and makeup, but THIS was uncalled for! Aish decided to deprive her eyes of all makeup. The foundation is all washed out and patchy. The bronze blush makes aish look pale and jaded. Heard of happy pretty moms, Aish?