10 Lesser Known Facts About the Duchess Kate!

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Yes! Our favorite fashionista and Britain’s favorite princess does have some secrets up her sleeves. Not exactly the dark ones, but things you might not know about her highness. Have a look

1.      Oldest bride

Old is just not the word for the bright and elegant Kate. Is it? But well, she holds the record of being the oldest royal bride. Late princess Diana got married to Prince Charles, when she was just 20, and Kate’s granny-in-law queen Elizabeth tied the knot, at the age of 21. We bet Kate, even at 29 you made a very pretty bride for Prince Willie!

2.      Catherine or Kate?

Kate likes to be called by her proper name Catherine, but after all these years of media attention for Kate and Will, it seems that she is stuck with the nickname for quite a long time in the future.

3.      Rags to riches? Nah!

We all think that Kate’s story is like the fairytale, where the noble prince sweeps the girl next door off her feet. It’s just nice to the ears, but in truth Kate’s parents were already millionaires. They were rich enough to send Kate to Marlborough College, which is one of the expensive schools in Berlin.

4.      Kate “middlebum”

One of the school teachers of Kate reports about the cheeky side of the princess,when she was young. Kate was one prankster who’d moon boys out of the window which earned her the ‘middle bum’ nickname.

5.      Kate and sporty?

The girl who pulls off the entire princess status with elegance was sports fanatic at school. Tomboy Kate was a keen hockey player, and she held the record for highest and longest jump of her school.

6.      Big Willie and Babykins

Nicknames form an important part of relationships, don’t they? Yes! At least for Kate and Will. Will calls her ‘Babykins’ while Kate likes to call him ‘Big Willie’.aww… Cute! Ain’t it?

7.      SAS Training

Yeah! She is definitely a princess you don’t wanna mess with. Post engagement, while Kate was receiving a lot of media attention, her kidnap was expected. So Kate was sent for an intensive training by Britain’s Special Forces, to deal with danger.

8.      Cooking lover

While we have already heard a lot about how William impressed Kate with his cooking skills. Kate too likes to cook at home for Will. So “No” high profile cooks and, chefs in the kitchen of the royal lovebirds.

9.      The D day

While you must think that the best of services would have been taken for the beautiful princess, at her wedding day, Kate decided it otherwise. She did her makeup herself for the big day. Though she took training from expert beautician Arabella Preston.

10.  High street fashion

While the lady can afford any of the designers she fancies, Kate is a big fan of high street fashion. She is often seen wearing outfits from normal British retailers. And that is the magic of Kate, who turns these normal dresses into royal apparel. A True fashionista!