10 Indian Women Who Shined In the Headlines in 2012

Now, when the world is not going to end and Salman still won’t marry anyone, when we’ve almost lost all the hopes to see that one fine day, when our Mahan Bharat will be a crime and corruption free country; still there are some who shined throughout all the barriers with their courage and raked the headlines. And thus, we’ve categorized them for you, to show who tops in our countdown:

 1.       Saina Nehwal:

The 23 year old girl delighted the entire nation, when she won the London Olympics in 2012. She became the first Indian to win a medal for badminton. To make such a history, which was not created from a long time, she truly needs to be on this position. We hope, she continues to remain on the same.

2.       MC Mary Kom:

This brave lady made all the Indians and females of the country extremely proud and honored  by winning a bronze medal in the Olympics at London, 2012. She registered her name in the world sports history, after becoming the first medal winning woman boxer of the country at the Olympics. She is sportier than she looks, and one can imagine just by looking at her. And so, we congratulate her on this achievement, and wish that she bags a lot more medals like this and keep on making headlines for the nation.

3.       Sherlyn Chopra:

This requires guts. For her, ‘ganda hai par dhandha hai ye’! Sherlyn Chopra’s never ending efforts in Bollywood have failed to gather her so much of publicity, fame and money, which she got in just one go with her hot nude avatar. This year, she became the first Indian woman, who gets to picture herself naked, in the adult American magazine, ‘Playboy’. Now, she is all geared up to put the screen on fire with her upcoming movie ‘Kamasutra 3D’. While collecting a galore of news in her baggage, she has also clutched the 63rd rank on the hot list of ‘Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2013’, in a recent poll, revealed by the reports of an international website ‘AskMen’. This headline maker seems to be going quite high soon.

4.       Priyanka Chopra:

This sexy diva surely knows it well, how to turn all the heads on her. Year 2012, created many headlines for her. However, her one of the biggest achievements as an Indian was the success of her international debut album- ‘in my city’, which was the icing on the cake. The success of ‘Barfi’, too fetched many positive compliments, regarding her performance in the movie. The reason why she rules in our countdown is quite delighting for everyone, as her album got three nominations under Best Song, Best Debut and Best Video categories, by the World Music Awards. Keep Going Gal!

5.       Vidya Balan:

This ‘Oo la la’ girl oozes her charm and talent, every time she appears on the screen. However, in real life also, she does not lag behind when it comes to participate for the welfare of people. The rural development ministry made her the sanitation ambassador of India, and she will be drawn in the ‘Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan’. This holds her in this countdown at a decent position. Best of Luck, Vidya!

 6.       Sonia Gandhi:

Well! Whether we grumble about her, or admire her, but surely her sturdy persona cannot go unnoticed here. When in August, a US Forbes magazine showed its annual list of ‘World’s Most Powerful Women’, our very own politician Sonia Gandhi holds on the sixth position as the ‘most powerful women of India’. Among many tycoons, media personalities, business women and politicians, she surely made us proud to reach the top notch position on this international podium.

7.       Aishwarya Rai Bachhan:

Our ex beauty queen and female actor, Aishwarya surprises us every time with her enviable appeal and actions. She became a mother this year and gathered the entire buzz under her feet. Although, to stand a chance in this list, it has to be something more applauding. Thus, her contemplation to work on the grassroots level for breaking up the communal stigmas, and, her appeal to pregnant women to go for HIV/AIDS medical check-ups, this made her very well deserved to be the UNAIDS International Goodwill Ambassador. She is now all charged up to tour, if required, to uplift the opportunities for the female’s education in rural areas. Keep It Up Aish!

8.       Madhura Honey:

This Bangalore girl was a post-graduate student in London. She had an immense obsession about sports, and she got selected for volunteering in the London Olympics. However, without anyone’s knowledge, she walked out confidently in the opening ceremony with the Indian contingent. While, no one has any clue about her individuality; her extreme passion for sports, and respect for the country garnered many headlines. Therefore, she is a headline maker this year.

9.       Manisha Koirala:

We usually do not hear her name, and of course, not for the right reasons ever. But, a recent tragedy took her into this countdown, when she showed her strong audacity at the time, when an ovarian cancer was diagnosed. Before the surgery was declared successful in New York, her tweet with full of vigour appeared, which surprised and transmitted rays of hope in others. Hence, we salute her for her vitality!

10.   Vanya Mishra:

So, on a glitzy note, we’d like to conclude this hot list with our 19 years old, new sweet girl in the town, Vanya Mishra. This technology student of Chandigarh is full of dreams and aspirations, won millions of hearts this year. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it to the finals while participating at Ordos, in China for the Miss World 2012. She brought two subtitles in her kitty, one of ‘Miss Multimedia’ and the other of ‘Miss World – Beauty with a Purpose’. Making it to the top 7 finalists, she surely hit a positive start to touch the skies. Her charity ‘Muktangan’, speaks a lot about this intelligent beauty with a big heart.