10 Indian Commercials That Make You Smile Through Tears!

Here’s a compilation of advertisements that hit the right chord, and have become a favorite  To some, these will give goose bumps, and some might feel the tears forming. Whatever it is, it touches the right chord of your heart!

1. TOI Lead India

Whenever I watch it, it never fails to stir my senses. A small gesture to restore our faith in the strength of unity, in democracy!

2. Respect your National Anthem

Remember those days of school when we used to sing our national anthem daily? I missed those days after seeing this one!

3. For a Cause

The short public service film was shown at the Cannes, 2007. This one recreates all those childhood memories you have of ‘Holi’. Pure, heart touching, and soul warming 3 minutes of your life are waiting here.

4. The Silent National Anthem, India

No language and no words can ever match the dedication of these hearing impaired children towards the national anthem. Watch the video; I bet you’ll end up in tears.

5. The Hindu

A very striking ad that will leave a lasting impression on you, for sure. Behave India! The youth is watching!

6. Tata Tea, Jago Re

Here’s this one with a very strong message, a bit of sarcasm and a funny bone. I loved this ad by Tata tea. Did you?

7. Bharti Airtel

Another one reminding us of the prodigy of our nation. All those Indians who give us a lil more reason for being a proud Indian!

8. Yuva Bengaluru

I’ve always felt that we waste a lot of money on festivals, which could be useful if used. Here’s an inspiration to light up somebody’s world.

9. Q & M India

A very interesting one. This ad has bagged a lot of awards. If this doesn’t inspire you to quit smoking, well…We’ll just be nice to you! Watch it to know, what I mean.

10. Airtel 3G

This is a personal favourite! No reason, but the ad always brings a smile on my face. Always!