10 Horror Movies Based on Real-Life Horrifying Stories

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Horror movies are the best recipe for a quick adrenaline. But what if you find out that whatever you are seeing on the screen has happened to someone for real. Spine-tingling! Right?

Here are some movies you might have watched, or you must as they are based on the real incidents.

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1.  Psycho (1960)


Reel Story:  Released in 1960, it was an American suspense story by Alfred Hitchcock, in which Norman Bates is a hotel owner with some psychological problem. He has delusions that his dead mother wants to kill the hotel guests. He dons as a lady when he commits the murder.

Real Story:  In 1957, Ed Gein was arrested because he committed 2 murders and dug up the corpses of a lot of other women. According to him, these women reminded him of his dead mother. He used to skin their body to make “woman suit”, for becoming a woman. Later he was declared insane and was shifted to a mental asylum.

2.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)


Reel Story: A group of youngsters visiting rural Texas fall prey to cannibals and a leather face. Leather face is a character that wears a mask, made-up of the skins of his victims while he kills.

Real Story: Again, the character of leather face was inspired by Ed Gein. Ed Gein was also into cannibalism, and he suffered from severe misogynistic impulses.

3.  Jaws (1975


Reel Story: The movie revolves around the terror that a 25 foot, great white shark brings to a fishing community at Amity Island. Several swimmers and boaters get attacked mysteriously, during a few days of summer.

Real Story: Peter Benchley who was the screenwriter of this movie was stimulated by a shark attack series that took place in the New Jersey shores in 1916. 5 people were attacked, out of which one survived, over a period of 12 days. In July, a 7 foot long white shark was killed, and there were humans remained in her stomach. It’s still not explicit, whether the shark was behind all those attacks or not. Though there were no attacks after July.

4. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)


Reel Story: A priest is suspected for the murder of Emily Rose, on whom he performed an act of exorcism, and she couldn’t survive. The flashback takes us to a series of supernatural events that took place while she was possessed.

Real Story:  The story is based on the famous real exorcism of Anneliese Michel. The 16 year old girl lived in Germany. She displayed demonic symptoms that involved demonic visions, paralysis, self abuse, and starvation. She was said to be possessed by more than one demon. Her exorcism was performed several times, during which she died of starvation. Her parents and the priest were found guilty of manslaughter, and were sentenced to a six months jail.

5. The Entity (1981)


Reel Story: The story revolves around a single mother, Carla Morgan who is haunted by a supernatural entity that rapes her repeatedly. Then she takes help of paranormal researchers to trap the spirit.

Real Story: In 1974, a woman named Doris Bither lived in the Culver City of California. She took help of paranormal researchers Barry Taff and Kerry Gaynor, for she was suffering from sexual assault by an unseen entity. Taff and Gaynor claimed to witness the moving objects and took pictures of floating lights. But, they neither saw it assaulting the woman nor tried to capture it.

6. Gothic (1986)


Reel Story:  The story involves the poet lord Byron, another poet Percy Shelly, his fiancé Mary, Claire (Mary’s half sister), and John Polidori. All the characters get together at Byron’s Swiss mansion, and tell ghost stories that lead to experiencing supernatural incidents, which are actually a physical manifestation of their deeply set fears.

Real Story:  Back in the summers of 1816, Percy Shelly and his soon-to-be-wife Mary Godwin visited Lord Byron, at his Swiss villa. As it was rainy, they stayed in and debated over supernaturals.  Byron asked them to write their own supernatural story. That’s when Godwin wrote Frankenstein and Byron came up with the story, which was later called ‘The Vampire’.

7. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986)


Reel Story: The story of a serial killer named Henry, who has killed over hundreds of people. He is sometimes accompanied by his roommate Otis.

Real Story:  The character of Henry was inspired by the serial killer Henry lee Lucas, who used to murder people with his partner Otis. The murders, however, were inspired by Henry’s confessions. Henry confessed 600 murders, out of which only 11 were proved, and he was imprisoned for the rest of his life.

8. An American Haunting (2006)


Reel Story:  The movie is set in the nineteenth century and revolves around John Bell and his family. They are plagued by an unseen force. His daughter Betsy was targeted the most, by the supernatural.

Real Story: The tale of Bell Witch originated in Tennessee, in 1800’s. However, there are no official records but the characters are real. John bell was told to be possessed by a ghoul. The film’s marketing says that the legend has been validated as the only case, where a spirit is responsible for human death, by the state of Tennessee.

9. Primeval (2007)


Reel Story: An American news channel crew travels to Burundi, to investigate a supposedly man-eating crocodile that turns out to be 30 foot long and has killed 300 people.

Real Story:  Gustave is a 20 foot long crocodile that lives in Burundi and is believed to be the biggest crocodile in Africa. It is said that the croc has killed 300 people. Many attempts to capture this creature have failed, and it still lives in the Ruzizi River of Burundi.

10. The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)


Reel Story: Campbell family has moved to Connecticut, in order to be near a doctor, to take care of their ill son. That’s when they realize that their house used to be a funeral house, and it is haunted by a supernatural force.

Real Story: The director was inspired by Parker family. In 1986, the family moved to Connecticut, in order to be close to a specialist, who was treating their son who was suffering from cancer. Paul used to sleep in the basement where they discovered mysterious stuff, which ensured that their house was a funeral home earlier. The family reported a series of supernatural events like disembodied voices, blooded floors, and sightings. Paul was possessed by the spirit, and he attacked his own family. An exorcism was performed to cleanse the house later.