10 Horror Books of All Time that are too horrible to Forget

Do you love terrifying, magical horror stories? If you do, you should unquestionably check out the following books. They will stretch your psyche, take your mouthful of air away and make you believe something unreal. Here’s goes the list.

1. The Old Willis Place: A Ghost Story (By Mary Downing Hahn)


The ghost tale is about two siblings (Diana and Georgia) and the mysterious clandestine rules that have abounded kids neither to befriend with anyone, nor leave the ‘Old Willis Place’. The twist comes in the story when Diana makes her caretaker’s daughter (Lisa) her friend (though she wasn’t allowed to do so), and seeks Lisa’s help to set herself and her bother free from the scary place. The delivery of the story is incredible and will keep you wondering what is gonna happen next. The narrator’s approach to solve the mystery is remarkable. The frightening secrets, intriguing characters and plot twists are undeniably going to delight you.

2. I Don’t Want to Kill You (By Dan Wells)


It is a brilliant third and final book of the thrilling series of ‘John Cleaver’. It is a story of 15 years old sociopath, John Cleaver, who is obsessed with serial killers, but doesn’t want to become one, in reality. So, he prepares and follows rigid rules, in order to keep himself and others out of danger.  It is a wonderfully written story that will definitely keep you captivate till the last page.  Highly recommended book!

3. Dead Of Night : A Zombie Novel (By Jonathan Maberry)


This book is a sequel of ‘Tomorrow, When the War Began’. The story has everything that is expected – the heightened danger, more focused characters, more adult themes, more actions and highly attention-grabbing plot twists. The start of this series is where 1st one leaves off. The group of teenagers are still in a war- zone, trying to escape out from the Australian wilds. The book is worth reading for the suspense that the author’s writing creates. Apart from ‘survival and sabotage’, there is an important element in the story, that is ‘romance’. All in all, it’s a beautifully written book, which you must read.

4. They Thirst (By Robert R. McCammon)


It is one of the exciting vampires based books. The story is about a boy, who grows to be a police detective. The plot is about his struggle to stop the domination of vampires over the human race. It is about blood- thirsty horrifying vampires. Every situation is written in detail that will help you to imagine the scene, around you.  I would recommend the book to all horror aficionados.

5. The Shining (By Stephen King)


It is a horror tale of a man and his family, who come to work in a hotel. The five years old son of the man and his wife possess the “Shining” ability through which, they can read the minds of people and foretell the future. The hotel is under the evil force, where spirits talk and party. The gripping suspense of the book will not let you put it down.  Pick ‘The Shining’, if you’re looking for Halloween stories, this weekend.

6. The Silence of the Lambs (By Thomas Harris)


It’s a well-written book, comprising elements of suspense, thrill and a proportionate amount of horror. The interesting characters of the book make it very appealing. It is a tale of a young FBI trainee (Clarice Starling) and a brilliant cannibalistic and psychiatrist serial killer (Hannibal Lecture), who is intriguing, inhuman and frightening. If you enjoy horror stories or psychological thrillers, it is a must read book.

7. The Left Hand of God (By Paul Hoffman)


Paul has taken the elements of history and Christianity, and interwoven them into a captivating tale, which grabs readers’ mind. The story possesses dark subject matters of death, war and religion. The tale is about an orphan, Thomas, who is care- taken by ‘Redeemers’ in a temple. The story progresses with his escape from the temple, and discovering about himself that he is a ‘Dark Angel’, send by God, to destroy the world. Characters are bold and can be visualized easily, while reading. The book is thoroughly enjoyable.

8. Relentless (By Dean Koontz)


Intensity, humor and suspense are the key elements, which make this book, a fast paced mesmerizing thriller. The story is about the author, whose book captures the attention of a popular and dreaded book critic. Now, that critic gets after the author to kill him; the way he killed other authors. It is one of the Dean’s best books.

9. Ring (By Koji Suzuki)


It is a terrible horror tale, a thrilling mystery, and a post-modern expedition. The plot of the story is around the investigation of the mysterious death of 4 teens simultaneously, exactly a week after watching a videotape by a male reporter (Asakawa). All the characters are very interesting and well-written. The scary and tense moments will keep you going and will horrify you to the core. Highly engrossing and impressive story!!

10. The  Night Strangers (By Chris Bohjalian)


The story involves and revolves around a traumatized and haunted air – pilot, who survives the dramatic crash landing of the plane, the guilt on shoulders for not being able to save the life of passengers.  The author has succeeded in putting a tense atmosphere of horror in the tale. The story flows very nicely and will keep you hooked to the book. This page-turning, psychological story should definitely be your next choice!