10 Home Remedies to Treat Earache Effectively

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Earache is one of the most terrible aches you ever come across. The worst part about it is you cannot figure out what went wrong, without the help of a professional. But what about the midnight crisis when the pain would emerge at such an hour that you can’t see the doc?


Earache is common among toddlers. If you find your toddler waking up screaming or something, it might be an earache. If you see a doctor, they’d definitely prescribe antibiotics, which in turn have their own side effects like stomachache, etc. So the best way to treat an earache is with home remedies, unless it’s a grave infection.

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Well, thankfully there are some very effective home remedies for earache. Let’s have a look!

First of all, you must know the reason behind the earache. They usually happen due to bacterial infection, wax, or cold weather. Some people get it due to water getting in during bath or swimming. The home remedies effectively cure or at least reduce the severity of the infection.

1. Onion


Onion is a very good cure to heal earache. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and its anti bacterial properties kill the bacteria that cause ear ache.

  • Squeeze a fresh onion to obtain its juice. Add 2-3 drops into the problematic ear, and the pain should subside in less than an hour.
  • Raw onion may burn a lot, so either you can dilute it with olive oil/glycerin or you can steam or bake the onion with its skin on. Crush the cooked onion to get its juice. This won’t hurt as much as the raw onion juice.
  • Cut the cooked onion in half, and press it against your ear for 5 to 10 minutes. It relieves pain in most of the cases.

2. Garlic


Garlic is one of the most effective remedy to cure earache. Earache usually happens due to excess fluids in the tissues of lymphatic system, so the cure is to drain the excess fluid. Garlic has anti inflammatory properties, and it’s the fastest way to cure earache. There are several ways to use garlic.

  • Use garlic oil, i.e., garlic infused in olive oil as an ear drop. Even better heat the oil a bit, and drop the warm oil inside the ear, with the help of a dropper. Just 2-3 drops would be enough.
  • A combination of garlic and mullein flowers also works great.
  • Rub the garlic oil around the ear and the side of the neck for a lymphatic massage, to drain excess fluids.
  • Take a garlic clove and place it inside the ear. Remember you don’t have to insert it in the ear canal, just place it on the outer side of the ear. Hold it for 10 minutes, and the pain would be gone.

3.  Cinnamon Oil


Here’s another thing you can do if you don’t have onion or garlic handy. Cinnamon is pretty common in the spice cabinet of every house.

  • Sprinkle a few cinnamon seeds in olive oil, and heat it over the stove. Very small quantity is needed so you might bring the oil and seeds in a table spoon, and hold it over the flame for a few seconds. Strain it through a fine cloth or strainer, and let it cool down to the body temperature. Use as an ear drop. Remember, if you infuse anything cold to the ear, it would add to the pain so you must always warm the remedy to body temperature, before infusing it in the ear.

4.  Olive Oil


Olive oil is a great lubricant. In less severe situation, you may just heat up a little olive oil, and use a few drops of the warm oil as an ear drop.

5.  Peppermint


Pepper mint is another handy way to treat earache. Raw peppermint extract or peppermint oil can be massaged around the ear and on the outer part of the ear, to relieve pain. Don’t drop it inside the ear canal.

6.  Mustard Oil


Most of the Indian households keep mustard oil handy. So this is another excellent remedy for earache. Heat the mustard oil and put a few drops inside the ear when it’s warm to body temperature.

7. Ginger


Ginger is known to relieve pain and it’s warm. Grind a few slices of ginger to get its juice. You may simply beat it and squeeze to extract the juice. Add the juice to warm olive oil or mustard oil, and put 2-3 drops inside the ear. You can also use this outside and around the ear.

8. White Vinegar


White vinegar also has properties that kill bacteria. Add a few drops of white vinegar in warm water, and use the solution as an ear drop. In most of the cases, it relieves the pain in a matter of minutes.

9. Warm Compress


Warm compress is one of the most common remedies to cure any kind of ache. Take a soft towel and heat it. You can heat it by dipping it in hot water or steam it. Press it against the ear and around the ear. Keep doing it for a while and you’ll feel instant comfort, and if there is any swelling, it’d subside. You can also use a bottle filled with hot water for the warm compress.

10. Baby oil


Warm a bottle of mineral oil or baby oil. Drip 2-3 drops of the oil into the ear. This is very effective on infants and toddlers because you don’t want to try any of the harsh recipes on them. If the situation is severe and you use any of the above recipes on them, make sure it’s very much diluted.

If the pain doesn’t settle for a long time even after trying various home remedies, there may be something else to the pain, so you must see a doctor. You may combine 2-3 remedies or repeat the one you find effective several times, to get rid of the infection completely.