10 Home Remedies to Help You Fight Toothache

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Only those of you who have suffered from the misfortune of a toothache, know how dreadfully horrible it can be. Scaling from throbbing to agonizing, toothache occurs when the infection gets to the root, causing pain and a stinging sensation. The most common jaw problems include cavity, infection in the pulp, gum disease, cracked tooth, trauma, etc. While consulting a dentist (in case you go through periods of endless agony) is a safer option, the same becomes impossible if the ache sprouts up in the middle of the night and you have nowhere to go. In such a situation, we advise you to make use of the natural cures listed below. Most of these ingredients are easily available and safe to use.

1. Clove


Clove, with all its superior qualities, is a great fix for toothache. It is an anti-bacterial antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and has anesthetic properties, which help to alleviate tooth pain to a large extent. Just when you begin to feel your tooth giving you trouble; dab a bit of clove oil on a cotton ball, and apply it on your infected tooth. This is sure to provide you instant relief. Another way of making use of cloves is to grind a few whole cloves, and mixing them with some cooking oil, and directly applying it on the troubled area.

2. Garlic


Garlic contains antibiotic properties, and is of other medicinal value that slows down bacterial affects. Crush some garlic and add a pinch of rock salt. Directly apply it on the tooth, to ease the pain. You can even use garlic powder. Also, if possible, chew one to two garlic cloves to battle the pain. Repeat the treatment in a few days.

3. Onion


Onion has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, which immensely help to contain toothache. At the initial sign of tooth trouble, pick a raw onion and chew it for some minutes. Since chewing, an onion might get impossible for some people, you can just lay a bit of raw onion straightaway on the painful tooth. This trick helps to kill the infection, causing germs in the mouth.

4. Guava Leaves


Fresh leaves of guava aid in fighting toothache. Chew one to two tender leaves, until its juice begins to work effectively in the troubled region. Another way of going about it is to take four to five leaves of guava in a glass full of water, & boil them well. Once this solution begins to get warm, add a pinch of salt and make use of it like a mouthwash. If you don’t find guava leaves, you can even use raw spinach leaves. Both produce similar results.

5. Wheatgrass Juice


The natural antibacterial properties of wheat grass are effective against toothache. It will not only take away the pain, but also deal with the problems of tooth decay. Extract some wheat grass juice and utilize it as a mouthwash. It extracts the toxins from your gums, and will lower the growth of harmful bacteria, thereby keeping the infection in control. You can also chew on wheat grass for good results.

6. Salt and Pepper


A combination of salt and pepper helps you handle toothache in a great way. If your tooth becomes extremely sensitive, make use of this remedy. Take equal quantities of common salt and pepper, and mix them well. Add some drops of water to make a paste. Directly apply this paste on the bad tooth, and allow it to remain there for some time. Repeat it every day for a period, and find respite from pain and other dental cavities.

7. Warm Salt Water


Another simple yet sure shot way to fight toothache is to take a glass of warm water, and add about half a spoon of common salt to it. This solution has to be used as a mouthwash. When it comes in contact with the infected tooth, the fluid from the tissue will be extracted, thereby reducing the swelling of the nerves. It will even fight with the infection causing bacteria.

8. Tea Bags


Place a warm tea bag against your ailing tooth. Black tea has astringent tannins, which helps to reduce the swelling, and provide temporary pain relief.

More Advice-

9. Ice Cubes


While browsing through the internet, we discovered that many sites recommended the use of ice cubes to numb the pain. However, it would be fruitful to note that experts warn against use of extreme hot or cold products. Since teeth are sensitive, intense changes and extreme temperatures will only build up the pain. But if find solace in applying a pack of ice cubes to the side of cheek, where your bad tooth resides, continue to use the treatment. You can apply it three to four times a day.

10. Aspirin


An old remedy that you should clearly stay away from is placing an aspirin on your wounded teeth. Aspirin is basically an acid- acetylsalicylic acid, and keeping it on your teeth or gums is going to cause teeth corrosion, and acid burns upon your gums. Instead, swallow the aspirin for pain relief.

In case of a prolonged tooth trouble, visit your dentist for absolute relief. These tips will help you get by for a few days, and different cures may suit different people, depending on the type and gravity of your people, as also your age.