10 Home Remedies for Dealing with Fleas on Dogs

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Skin irritation, hair loss and terrible itching on your loving dog may afflict you! This entire nuisance is caused by fleas that feed on your pet’s blood. Off course, you can treat this with the medications available with your veterinarian. But, many of you would not like to use harsh chemicals on your adorable dog. You can use home remedies to combat fleas.

Here are 10 home remedies for dealing with fleas on dogs.

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1. Essential Oils


Add 2 drops both of lavender and cedar wood essential oil to 600 ml. of the water. Stir it well. Apply it to your dog. As essential oils evaporate fast, re-apply it several times a day.

Note- Ensure that the solution doesn’t get in the eyes of your dog.

2. Dish Washing Liquid


Take your dog’s shampoo. Mix a little quantity of dish washing liquid in it. Apply it on your dog. Begin by scrubbing dog’s neck. Carry out it fast, otherwise fleas will conceal in its nostril, to escape from the dish washing liquid. After that, soap up it entirely. Allow the dish washing liquid to sit for some time. Rinse thoroughly with water. 

3. Flea Comb

A 3 month old Weimaraner getting groomed.

Before bathing your dog, run the flea comb through its fur. Dip the comb in the bucket filled with hot and soapy water. This remedy will destroy the fleas and their eggs.

4. Garlic


Take ½ clove of garlic. Crush and mix in your dog’s food. Practice it every day. Regular use of this home remedy will help you to throw away the fleas from your pet. Garlic is also good for digestive health of your dog.

5. White Vinegar


Mix one cup of white vinegar in approximately 4 litres of water. Spray it on your dog. Don’t rinse. Allow the dog to dry in air. Now, comb it. It will remove the dead fleas.

6. Lemon Spray


Put some fresh lemon slices in a vessel, containing water. Boil it. Leave it overnight. Rub and damp your dog’s fur with this solution, in the morning. This will help in combating fleas. For positive results, repeat it at least once a month. You can also sprinkle this lemon solution on the carpet and bedding of dog.

7. Yeast


Purchase some nutritional or brewer’s yeast. Apply it on the dog’s fur. Else, mix small quantity of yeast in your dog’s food. It will remove the fleas from dog.

8. Neem


Neem is a natural flea repellent. Apply neem oil to your pet’s skin. In case, your dog is sensitive, use neem lotion (as neem oil is stronger).

9. Apple Cider Vinegar


To the drinking water of your dog, mix 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. It will kill the fleas.

10. Lavender Oil


In a bucket of water, pour some drops of lavender oil. Wash the bedding of your pet with this water. Repeat it once a week.