10 Healthy Habits that Do More Harm than Help

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There are several habits, which you feel, are healthy for your body, but you do not even realize that how these habits may cause harm in the long run. Here, I am exposing 10 such habits that could do more damage than help to your body.

1. Using Hand Sanitizer Frequently

women-wash-handTriclosan (an antibacterial agent) found in several sanitizers trim down the effect of antibiotics by diminishing the immunity to several strains of virus and bacteria. Use soap and water to wash your hands than going for sanitizers. If you still want to tug around hand sanitizer, it is best to choose one that is alcohol based. Do not forget to massage your hands with a good lotion as sanitizers make your hands dry.

2. Experimenting with Cosmetics


Attractive packing and unrealistic promises (like, promise to turn your dark complexion fair, promise to shed age from your face, etc.) of various skincare products might tempt you to buy them. But, wait…..are these products reliable? These cosmetics contain several harmful fragrances and chemicals which may lead to skin allergies. Instead of trying something new for all time, it is better to connect with whatever suits for you. If you want to switch over to other product, wait for 6-8 weeks for your skin to respond to it.

3. Sporting  Flip-Flops


Do you wear flip-flops the whole day? If so, limit their use! Most of us perceive that flip-flops or V-shaped chappals are better than heels. In fact, they do equal harm! They do not have arch support and so, do not provide structural prop up to your feet. It puts a lot of exertion on the tissue linking heel and toes, thereby causing stiffness and pain in your feet. You may also suffer from flexor or extensor tendinitis. Wear comfortable sandals that provide ample support to your toes.

4. Rush to Brush After Every Meal


Despite of brushing after every meal, are you are suffering from dental problems? It is true that gleaming teeth gives you a smile worth million dollars. It does not mean that you must rush to brush each time after having food. When you eat food, it leaves acid on the enamel and weakens it. Moreover, as you brush, it scrubs the enamel off your teeth. To extricate the entangled food particle, bathe out your mouth with water.

5. Drinking  Too Much Water


8 to 10 glasses of water in a day is recommended for better health. In fact, unregulated intake of water may be fatal. Ingestion of more than required water increases blood volume, thereby putting up needless burden on your cardiovascular system and kidneys.

6. Drinking Only Bottled Water


While drinking bottled water instead of tap water, you might think that it is beneficial for your body. Rather, the fact is very far away from your perception. Bottled water lacks fluoride which may lead to tooth decay. Install water filtration system at your home and drink purified water (which is free from impurities, but provides you the benefits of fluoride).

7. Banking on Nutritional Supplements


Do not take multi-vitamins or nutritional pills, prescribed by your doctor, as a substitute for healthy food. Use them just as a supplement. Excessive use of nutritional pills results in serious side effects: intake of vitamin B6 in large quantity leads to nerve damage, too much vitamin C may cause gastrointestinal distress and vitamin A in large quantity may be toxic to a developing fetus. Thus, fulfill any nutritional deficiency with a healthy diet.

8. Daily Hair Wash


Rinsing off your hair everyday can remove natural oils from your scalp.  These natural oils are essential to keep your hair conditioned and in their absence, your strands are likely to fall more. Daily hair wash is advisable for oily scalp. Always use herbal shampoo.

9. Compulsive Draw on  Disinfectants


We all use disinfectants to make our house germ-free. You are aware of the benefits of these cleansing products, but, do you know that sometimes they could have the contradictory consequences? 2-butoxyethanol, alkylphenol etoxylates and etanolamines are the chemicals found in disinfecting products that may lead to cancer, hormonal change and asthma. Rather, use natural cleansers, like baking soda, diluted vinegar and boric acid.

10. Shifting to a Low Fat Diet


Are you compromising with your diet, to reduce that extra flab? Several vital processes in the body need fat. Your body begins to show harmful effects, like depression, hair fall, slowed reflexes, and sagging skin,Due to its deficiency. Avoid the alternative of low fat diet; opt for low calorie balanced diet incorporating exercise and workout routine help you to stay fit and healthy.

If you have any of these habits, improve it soon!