10 Handy Home Remedies to Deal with Cockroaches

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Cockroaches breed very quickly. So, if you have noticed one cockroach today, be quick to get it out of your home, fast. Otherwise, you might have several cockroaches in your house. Use the below given home remedies, before these annoying bugs take over your home.

Here are 10 handy home remedies to deal with cockroaches.

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1. Soap Water


Add detergent or soap in water. Sprinkle this soap water on the cockroach. This remedy will kill it within a few minutes.

2.  Borax


Combine Maida or wheat flour, sugar, and boric acid. Prepare small balls of this mixture. Put these balls in the cockroach infested areas. It is the best home remedy to get rid of cockroaches.

3.  Cedar

cockroaches-home-remedies-cedar-ballsCedar is a natural bug-deterrent. Place cedar blocks, chips or balls in cockroach intruded areas of your home. It’s an effective remedy for dealing with cockroaches.

4.  Neem Oil


Mix equal quantity of water and neem oil. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle. Sprinkle it on the cockroaches. You can also fill a bowl with this mixture, and place it in your kitchen cabinet, behind the refrigerator or other cockroach prone areas of your home.

5. Baking Soda


Mix equal amount of baking soda and water. Stir the mixture properly, and fill the solution in small containers. Put them in those places, where cockroaches are seen.

6. Naphthalene Balls

naphthalene-ballsNaphthalene balls are good cockroach controllers. Place these balls near windows, under the fridge, kitchen sink or wardrobe. The odour of these balls will keep the cockroaches at bay.

7. Ammonia


Mix 2 cups of ammonia in a bucket of water. Flow it through the sink. It will prevent cockroaches to enter your home.

8. Bay Leaves


Put some bay leaves in water. Use this water to wipe out the floor. Else, simply place the bay leaves in the corners, sink, and wardrobe, to check cockroach invasions.

9. Mint Oil


Spray mint oil on these pesky bugs. It will suffocate and kill the cockroaches.

10. Hot Sauce Spray


Mix 2 tbsp pepper sauce with ¼ gallon of water. Pour in a spray bottle. Sprinkle it in the areas invaded by cockroaches.