10 Guy Facts You Must Know To Read His Mind!

We have heard about women being so complicated and difficult to understand all our lives. Haven’t we? Well, maybe we are but the case is no different with men.

So here are some facts that’d help you read your man’s mind:


1. Your boyfriend will feel kingly if you cling on him in front of your other guy friends. Also, he’ll feel endangered if you flirt with your friends, in front of him. Make him feel superior in front of your friends, and you’ll have some of your wishes fulfilled, for sure!

2. Guys get attracted by the physical appearance of the girl at first. But you already know that. Right? But, a perfect body or face is not necessary; guys can also fall for the cute smile, playful eyes, and mannerism of a girl.

3. A guy will definitely peek a boo at a girl’s cleavage when she is not looking.

4. Guys get a good ego massage when they are able to make a girl orgasm. The more intense is the orgasm, a guy feels more brawny.

5. Opposite to the commitment phobic image of guys, they take commitments quite seriously. What you might be misunderstanding as fear is maybe the time they take to weigh the pros and cons.

6. We get snappy when guys can’t get the vague hints we drop every now and then. Right? But, it’s almost rocket science to them. Guys don’t get it when a girl says something and want something else. So, the mantra is say what you want to say, and cut the crap.


7. No matter how strong they appear, guys are more emotionally vulnerable than women. Heartbreaks shatter guys more than girls.

8. Guys tend to cover up for their guy friends. So, it’s totally useless to confront his friend to find if he is cheating on you, unless the friend is an evil one or has fallen for you.

9. Guys love girl on girl action. So, if he catches you kissing your friend (girl, of course!), he might get turned on instead of getting mad!

10. Guys hate to ask for help, especially, when it comes for driving instructions! Thank god for the GPS technology!