10 Good Reasons to Involve Your Child in Extracurricular Activities


Gone are the days when kids used to head out for flying kites or playing Kancha, Kabaddi or Gilli-danda with their friends, after putting down their school bags. In the present scenario, kids prefer to spend their after-school time indoors, playing computer games. Outdoors activities are important for the over-all development of a child. So, make sure your lil champ gets engaged in some sort of extracurricular activities too.

Here are the benefits of after-school activities for your tot:

1. Learning of Valuable Life Skills


Through outside activities, children involve themselves in varied interests and learn several valuable skills, which help them in their future growth. They learn team spirit through sports and sportsmanship from competition.

2.  Social Development


Interpersonal and communication skills are considered as the important social skills. Through extracurricular activities, children learn to make new friends and interact with them. These activities also teach them to work in a team and make contribution in some way. They become skilled in performing and behaving themselves in the public.

3. Confiscation of Shyness


Does your kid find it hard to stand in front of the class and say a rhyme? If yes, then involve him/her in extracurricular activities, like performing arts, singing and dancing.  It helps children in getting out of their shells and removes their shyness.

4.  Make Them Learn Multitasking


Various group activities teach your kid to shoulder responsibilities. Children learn to schedule their tasks, and juggle home and school activities. They also learn to keep a track of their belongings.

5.  Physical Development


Does your kid show lack of enthusiasm towards exercise, during morning? Are you worried about your tot’s health? The best solution is to engage him/her in any sport. This will allow the kid to practice more exercise, and stay fit and healthy.

6. Improves Academic Performance


Some parents believe that if they involve their children in extracurricular activities, it will hamper his/her studies and performance in the classroom. But, it has been found that children, engaged in after-school activities, perform better than those who are not involved in such activities. Extracurricular activities enhance the learning capacity of the children, which in turn helps them to earn higher grades.

7. Teach Time Management


One of the great benefits of involving your kid in extracurricular activities is that they learn to prioritize things and manage time in their life. It has been observed that adults, who remain engaged in some sort of after-school activities in their childhood, can easily juggle different tasks of their adulthood.

8.  An Outlet for Creativity


Drawing, painting, crafts and performing arts are some of the activities that provide platform to your toddler to exhibit his/her creativity. Some activities encourage their interest and natural inquisitiveness.

9.  Relieves Stress


The burden of homework, class tests and exams make children stressed. They feel so pressurized that they neither concentrate properly on their studies nor perform other routine activities appropriately. Extracurricular activities help them in relaxing and refreshing their mind.

10. Boost up Positive Attitude


After-school activities boost self-confidence, self esteem, and problem solving skills. Children learn to express themselves, which helps in building positive attitude towards school, home and society.