10 Fb Mistakes to Avoid After First Date

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We know you’re excited and want to tell the world “you are in love”! (Again) But do not jump into things too soon. You have a lot to learn before you start dating officially on social networking.

Read on!

1. Mingling Too Soon


This is bad, and you can worsen the situation by being worse. You went on your first date and had an incredible time. You are desperate to hear from him again. And you are pretty sure that your man thinks the same. The moment you walk out of the cafe, you reach out to chat with him on Facebook.

Wrong! This was just your first date! No matter, how rainbow-filled the date was for you, he may be bored out of you! And, what more annoying is when your guy does not accept your friendship request. Why to put yourself in the “danger” zone?

2. Fb Jealousy


After your magical date, you start feeling that you are the only, most compatible partner for him. And when you start tracking his profile, you come across new faces (mostly gals); you wonder “who these bitches are”? And you also think why these gals are getting so cosy with my guy, when he is dating me. Thanks to your overrated Fb jealousy!

3. Liking Every Hot Picture


It is not only jealousy that counts! Going through his pictures and liking his sneaky-peaky pics are the prime signs of creepiness. The guy who showing his six packs abs on a public platform, should be never praised openly on social networking platform. Just coz the person looks hot in it, there is no need to like the picture and beg the credit for appreciation. He knows the pic is hot; he is not going to write a thank you note and start loving you for admiration. So, stay away!

4. Forgot Un-Tagging Your Ugly Pics?


You are all set to go for your date, with dressed up like a doll, and yes, you are ready to flaunt yourself now! But, forgot to clean up your ugly tagged pics on Fb. Pathetic! No matter how well you iron your hair for your date, the end of the day, your fb pictures count! Coz your visual memory might fade away after your date. So, make it a habit to clean your garbage box, before he has a look at it.

5. Relationship Status


I know you are excited about the whole encounter, but it does not mean that you will change your status from single to commit, in a moment. Remember, he is not the one, with whom you are going to marry, so what is the point of announcing it to the whole world? Think!

6. Intense Interactions


You may be an “attention seeker” person, but this time stay in control. Keep a track of your Flirty interactions. If this guy wants to get personal with you, he will let you know after your first meet. Why you have to take an initiative to get naughty with him?

7. Following Everything


Now, you have become Fb friends! And out of the excitement, you have decided to speak to him. You express your feelings to him and what if he does not reply you! You will be shattered and broken. And, when there is silence, you will start tracing him everywhere on Fb.  And alas! When you don’t get to hear from him, you finally un-friend him from your account! True?

8. Adding His Family Members


And once when you have the charge of him, you wanna get hold of his family too. You start having conversations with his mom, little sis, and his friends. You poke your nose in his personal family affairs. And his angry mom gets out of her nerves, thinking “who the hell she is”?

9. Over Sharing on Fb


Look! What I wore, where we went, which movie we saw, he wears an Armani watch … these are your stupid ways of disposing PDAS. Don’t you think it is early to show off? Why you want to show “how desirable your boyfriend is”? Stop posting every single “Move”.

10. Too Much of Ex

fb-mistakes-to-avoid-after-first-date-10You were exceptionally smart on your date and did not leave any sign of your ex, but your Fb account did it. Congrats! Fb stalking is extremely beneficial, especially when you are going out for a new relationship. The current guy may think you as a hopeless person, so delete your stuff before he smells it!

Now, the love countdown begins! You are ready to date him officially on Fb.

All the best!