10 Fashion Tips for You to Stay Stylish and Updated Forever – Week 2

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Hey all you girls and ladies out there! How are you doing? We hope that last week of yours was filled with fun and frolic, and you must have bought something stylish and classy for your closet. And, do you remember those fashion tips which we shared with you to stay trendy, and live a hassle free life?

We are back again with another set of fashion tips that will not only keep you updated, but also relieve you from the stress of taking care of your valuable fashion clothes and accessories.

Let’s begin with the useful tips of this week.

Tip #1-


If you want to remove odour from those vintage clothes, simply mix one part of vodka with 2 parts of water and spray over the cloth, and see the magic by yourself.

Tip #2-


The best home method to keep diamonds sparkling at home is to wash them with dish washing cleanser and a tooth brush. They will sparkle, as if you have bought them today only.

Tip #3-


The secret to everyday wearing fitted clothes is- Lycra. If you want to slip into body hugging clothes for everyday, go for 5% Lycra and 95% Cotton.

Tip #4-


To stop squeaky shoes, remove the insole and apply Vaseline, before replacing it.

Tip #5-


Always dry-clean your coats before you store them, and place them on cedar hangers inside the garment bag. This will keep the moths away from the fabric.

Tip #6-


V neck tees and blouses give an illusion of a longer torso.

Tip #7-


If you are short heighted and want to make your legs look longer, pick nude pumps from the market, as dark shades in shoes tend to make you look petite.

Tip #8-


To prevent clothes from getting wrinkled in a suitcase, pack them in a plastic dry-clean bag, and then put them in suitcase.

Tip #9-


If you want to remove odour from your denims without washing them, freeze them in refrigerator for two days, and odour will be vanished.

Tip #10-


The best way to de-fuzz a sweater is to use a pumice stone.

So, these were the yet another stylish and trendy tips for you to be hassle free, while buying and taking care of fashion valuables.  We will come back next week again, with yet another set of useful tips for you.

Till then, stay chic!