10 Fashion Tips for You to Stay Stylish and Updated Forever – Week 1

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When it comes to styling yourself or keeping an eye on fashion, every mother and her daughter have probably tried everything to make them stay updated. Besides being updated in terms of style or fashion, it is equally important for you to stay updated when something goes wrong with your essentials, be it a dress or an accessory.

Do not panic at all if oil stain has attacked your Victoria dress, or if your new denim has shrank during very first wash as we are here to tell you the best-of-best tips from designers, lifestyle experts.  They tell you how to take care of your fashion and style, and stay updated. We are going to update you with 10 hot fashion tips each week.

So, here are the 10 tips for you to practice this week:

Tip #1


When you spill something over your clothes, never rub it; always blot it as rubbing will cause stain to ingrain more into the weave of the fabric.

Tip #2


If you want to remove water marks from leather boots, add a few drops of vinegar to cold water and scrub it on shoes with soft bristle brush, until stains are no longer visible, and let it dry overnight.

Tip #3


A pencil skirt should hit right at the top of the knees. Lower than that level will cause your legs look shorter.

Tip #4


If your pants are too tight to wear, let them air dry, and stretch the waistband by hand or with hand dryer, while they are still damp.

Tip #5


Heat can really warp your glass frames, so always keep them in a hard case and never wear them on a hot summer day, especially under sunlight.

Tip #6


Use shaving cream and a washcloth, to remove makeup stains from the collar of your shirts.

Tip #7


Whenever you are in doubt regarding the size of denim, always choose the smaller one as denim has tendency to expand with wear.

Tip #8


Pile on good accessories-scarves, statement neck pieces, and bangles to spice up even the basic of silhouettes.

Tip #9


After a shower, use a hair dryer to de -mist the bathroom mirror in seconds.

Tip #10


If you have stopped wearing a sequin dress or a top, then remove sequins and sprinkle them into the flower vase; it will accentuate its look.

So, follow these handy tips that will keep you trendy forever, and keep following us to know a lot more tips like these.

Stay Stylish!