10 Fashion Resolutions to Follow in 2013

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Resolutions are scary! Aren’t they? I mean, they are good to think about, even better to declare a few but almost impossible to follow for the whole year! But don’t worry we are not asking you to keep any of those intimidating challenging ones. Here are a few fun resolutions for the fashionable souls out there… Easy, Fun and matter-of-factly!

Resolution no. 1

Let this year be your Most Fashionable till date. Pick up on all the fashion trends. From peplum to drop waist dresses. Carry your high street fashion everywhere you go.

Resolution no. 2

Rekindle the relationship with your wardrobe. Get the stuff out and see if you can use any of your old dresses and bags (after all we are crushing on DIYs  this year too). Make at least one new thing out of your old clothes.

Resolution no. 3

Fall in love with a crazy print. Be it the color drenched tribal print, big fat floral, obsessive geometric or the evergreen leopard prints. Get bags, shoes, scarves, leggings, shirts and dresses in your print of the year!

Resolution no. 4

Bold is brave but it’s also beautiful. Take up a bold trend like the Gothic makeup or liquid leather. Not interested? Just paint your lips in a bright tangerine or red and let the lips do the talking.

Resolution no. 5

Move on from the safe LBD. It’s pretty but it’s over now. Wear quirky colors instead or take up one of those raspberry, oxblood, emerald etc from the pantone  palette. Anything but no black!

Resolution no. 6

With an entire whole new world of shopping online you don’t really need to move your lazy ass even a bit. Break the online shopping jinx and indulge into it. If you are a high street fashion addict try perniaspopupshop or poshfusion.

Resolution no. 7

Buy a cat eye frame glasses. Yeah, the ones that look like they only belong to the runway, those!

Resolution no. 8

Go spendthrift to buy a classic piece you’ve always fancied but thought too expensive to buy. Could be a pair of Louboutin boots or a classic Celine leather tote. It’s not too genius to spend on fad all the time. A classic piece will stand by you for years, gracefully too.

Resolution no. 9

The year would be incomplete without taking a fashion risk. I mean it was comic to wear trousers under skirts until Marc Jacobs and Prada presented it in their winter collection. For in experiment lies invention.

Resolution no. 10

An Eco friendly year is definitely on the cards for us. Whether it be switching to paper bags instead of plastic or abandoning animal skin and fur clothing… try a lil harder to be good to the planet.