10 Exclusive Rings: Make Them Your Dream Engagement Ring!

Wedding season is around the corner and we have a big army of brides-to-be, all armed up for their shopping sprees! So we’ve brought to you the assorted array of engagement rings, for your D- day.

Have a look at the beautiful pieces and find just what you were looking for!

1. Asmi Diamond Ladies Ring


Price: INR 28550

This neat piece from Asmi has an exquisite appeal to it, without being extravagant. The fine detailing would be gorgeous as well as comfortable for daily wear.

2. Bella Heart Solitaire Ring


Price: INR 89700

A rare heart solitaire surrounded by fine crust small diamonds says, ‘I Love You like nothing else can’!

3. D’Damas Diamond Ladies Ring


Price: INR 27498

If you don’t like too much glitter and want to keep it sweet and simple, here’s a very chic plain design that will look gorgeous, wrapped around your finger.

4. Artistic Floral Ring


Price: INR 24650

The floral design hugs your finger in a very delicate way. This pretty diamond ring is available in lowest price.

5. Gili Diamond Ring


Price: INR 28075

The fine detailed design is lovely with its contemporary style. It’s a great buy for its price and uniqueness.

6. D’Damas Ladies Diamond Ring


Price: INR 21805

The modern designing of the ring makes it perfect for a daily wear. The combination of white gold with the diamond leaves and yellow gold gives it exclusivity.

7. Spiral Triumph Ring


Price: INR 76950

A personal favourite! The classy concentric circles, which are surrounding the solitaire in middle, make it one of the best solitaire rings. It’s perfect for Indian as well as western dresses!

8. Forever Solitaire Ring Mount


Price: INR 23900

The floral design is comprised of small diamonds, which are surrounding the solitaire. The rounded petals amplify the whole appearance of the solitaire. Totally worth it!

9. Aaliya Ring


Price: INR 52250

If you are bored of plain diamonds and gold, here’s a blend of emerald- white sapphires and diamonds. This princely ring will always stand out wherever you wear it.

10. Charm Solitaire Ring Mount


Price: INR 45050

The white ring with a princess solitaire is mounted in the middle. The round diamonds hugging your finger will definitely dazzle everyone.