10 Easy Home Décor Tips That Will Make Your House Better in No Time

The Mantra is to surround yourselves with quality, not clutter! Feminiya has got you 10 simple tips that you must follow while decorating or redecorating your house.

1. Adorn the Entrance


The entryway of your house speaks to the guests, so it must create the right vibes. Sadly, most of the people tend to avoid the porch or the verandah, underestimating its importance. Here, Anjali Sharma shows us how she welcomes her guests with just the right vibes! After all, a tastefully decorated entrance says ‘welcome’ better than anything else!

Use green plants to increase the fresh energy inflow. If you don’t have a green thumb, then go for silk plants. They are easily available and look as good as real.

2. Neutral can be Cool 


You may think that neutrals are boring, but try spicing them up with an exclusive piece of furniture that stands out. We love how Anjali spiced up grey and black with a bright orange, contemporary, rocking chair and identical foot mat.

3. The Magic of Geometric


Geometrical shapes make your room look larger, so buy furniture and other things like lamps, side tables, counter, etc in geometrical shapes. It’s not only contemporary but also very spic-and-span.

4. Go Hanging




Hang pots and lamp! Hanging stuff looks very stylish and tasteful. Don’t overdo it. Your house shouldn’t look like an astronomical museum. Hanging lamps look really good, and for the outdoors you can hang plants.

5. Be Minimalist 


Keep the artifacts minimal but unique. Too many decorative objects just make the place look crowded and cluttered. Choose contemporary paintings that reflect your personality. Make sure you don’t overcrowd a wall. Instead of putting a lot of things on the wall, go for a unique large piece or a modern art piece like Anjali did.

6. Don’t Ignore Bathrooms


Don’t neglect the small parts. Remember, decoration is not about show off, but about a better lifestyle. Decorate your bathroom in your own style. Even if you have a small bathroom, plants can be a great way to beautify. A unique mirror would also add to the grace. Remember, it’s not wise to spend on house renovation, every now and then. You must use your creativity to perk up average things.

7. The House Wall


Make one wall of the house ‘your wall’. Hang your family portraits, moments from your summer trips. It has to be personal so that you can get the drift. I’d suggest to not doing it in the drawing room. Dining area or living area would be perfect.

8. Use Mirrors


Reflections are a great way to add space and magnificence to your room, without digging holes in your pocket. You can get these mirror stickers easily, and they are not expensive. Place them somewhere, where they reflect your garden or any favorite part of your house. These can also come up as the wonderful bathroom accessories.

9. Peace Corner


Add a peace corner to your house with Buddha statues, scented candles, sandalwood artifacts, or anything that brings the sense of peace to your mind. This gives the house an exotic appeal. Keep the lights in that area dim, and preferably in warm tone.

10. Beautify with Plants


Plants are a delight to the house. Make them all the more delightful by painting the pots in various patterns or colors. Choose bright colors like sunshine yellow or a robin blue, to compliment the flowers.

So, go ahead to a better looking home, with the simple tips, and don’t forget to post us the pictures of your decoration skills!