10 Easy Gardening Tips to Spice up Your Gardening Skills

Gardening is one such hobby that has many benefits associated with it. Gardening is a physical exercise, and like every exercise, it keeps you fit and healthy while energizing your entire body systems. Do you know that 45 minutes of gardening can burn as many calories as 30 minutes of aerobics? Besides exercise, you get clean, green and healthy environment around you, whilst practicing gardening. With increasing pollution, green plants and greenery has become really essential and important in our lives.  Without green plants at home, we cannot think of healthy, non polluted environment.


Today, I am going to share with you the 10 best gardening tricks and tips that you can practice in your respective gardens, which will spice up your gardening skills.

Tip #1


Line on the string trimmers tend to break or jam while working in the garden. To prevent that line from jamming or breaking, spray it with vegetable oil before you install it to the trimmer.



If you want to dry herbs of your garden in the quickest way, then just take a newspaper and spread it across the back seat of your car, followed by spreading the herbs over the newspaper. Roll up the windows and close the door, and quickly your herbs will be dried effectively.



Grow more and more of kitchen essential herbs in your garden area, such as mint, basil, dill, etc. They are utilized the most and are quite cheap and easy to grow, but as they reach counters, they become quite expensive.



Do not aim at growing the same thing again and again. Remember that gardening is your hobby and you are not a farmer, who is supposed to supply products to the market. Sowing same seeds again and again will result in poor yield, and will also deplete the quality of your soil.



Try planting an edible veggie every week. This gives you a chance to try new varieties, without waiting for earlier ones to harvest.

Tip #6


Always try to pluck the ripened fruit or vegetable in the morning, because morning is the time when a plant is loaded with nutrients. You can preserve the flavor and freshness of green vegetables, plucked from your garden by cooling them in refrigerator.

Tip #7


Use as much free fertilizers as you can. Free fertilizers mean using human urine, grass clippings that are nitrogen rich. You can also make fertilizer tea by steeping grass clippings in water. You can also mix one part of urine with 20 parts of water, and use it to feed the seedlings.

Tip #8


Use plastic forks around your plantations that will keep cats and monkeys away from littering and destroying your garden.

Tip #9


You should use coffee filters at the bottom of your pots, that will keep the dirt inside.

Tip #10


For growing another pineapple after the ripening of first one, use the top of the ripened pineapple. Plant it back into the pot and you will get a new pineapple.

So, these were some useful tips and tricks that you should use in your garden, to spice up your gardening skills and get the most out of gardening.

Get Set Go!