10 Creative Ways to Propose Your Sweetheart

Do you love someone and thinking of proposing her very soon? How will you propose her? Let me guess! You might get on one knee, hold her hand and ask “Will you marry me” or reveal your feelings as “I love you from the bottom of my heart and want to spend the rest of my life with you”. You might also express your feelings for her by offering candies, presenting flowers, sending cards or by writing ‘Marry Me’ in the sand at the sea beach or you may propose her over a romantic dinner at an elegant restaurant. Guys, am I right? But, don’t you think that these are the traditional ways and you should try something creative to propose your heartthrob?

Here are some sweet, creative and innovative ideas to declare your love to that someone special.

1.  Air Your Love


Spot out the favourite radio channel and programme that your sweetie never misses to listen. Request the DJ to make arrangements for you to propose her over the air. You can also request the DJ to play a song that has a special meaning for both of you.

2.  Skywriter Proposal


Spell out your intentions and proposal with the help of a skywriter. Take her to a romantic place in view of the writing and tell her to look up in the sky at the proper timing. It is an unusual way of proposing your partner that she would not ever forget.

3.  You Tube Proposal


Prepare a video, depicting your intentions and feelings, and upload it on the YouTube. Then, e-mail her a message with the link and make it sound as if it holds some work related data. She will get surprised, when she opens it. Ensure that the message on the video should be creative.

4.  Make a Scrapbook


Collect some good photos of both of you and use them to prepare a scrapbook. Make it visually tempting by writing down any memorable flashes, poetry or messages. At the end of the scrapbook, write down your feelings, proposing her.

5.  Webify It


Create a “proposal website” declaring your intentions and love. Keep the headline of the website as “Will You Marry Me XYZ?” (Put your sweetheart’s name or nick name in place of XYZ). E-mail the web address to her along with a message, requesting to visit the site. She will definitely accept your proposal.

6.  Spell It Out


There are many ways to spell your proposal:

  • On her birthday, decorate the ceiling of her home with glow-in-the-dark stickers revealing your proposal message.
  • You can also spell out your love during the game of Scrabble.

7.  The Time Bomb Proposal


Create a fake e-mail id and send her a mail stating “The 10th day from today is going to be the most significant day of your life.” Send her an email each day from that day onwards, stating, “9 more days to go…”, “8 more days to go…” etc. until the last day. On the 10th day, leave a romantic message on her desk, revealing the fact of email.

8.  Bake the Cake


Bake a favourite cake for her and ice it with the words, expressing your intentions. You can also use cupcakes, cookies or brownies for the purpose of proposing her.

9.  Surprise Birthday Gift


Wrap a giant box. Put smaller wrapped box within each big box. Put a ring and a love note in the smallest box. Gift this giant bombshell on her birthday.

10.    On the Big Screen


You can propose your heartthrob on the big screen of movie theatre or at your favourite sporting event.

Pick up any of the above ideas to propose her. I am sure; she will be talking about it for the rest of her life.