10 Most Common Hair Myths Debunked

We all have believed things that were truly not true at some or other point of time in our lives. And we women never get tired of believing ideas that promise to make our appearance better (hair in this case). There are a lot of follicle fallacies out there, and most of these we’ve genuinely believed- only to know how bogus and out rightly stupid they are. Here are a few hair myths that we’ve busted for you. Make sure you keep away these misleading notions from now on!

Myth 1-

Washing your hair every day will keep them clean.



If you wash your hair every day, your hair strands will dry out and become damaged. Instead, wash your hair in every 2-3 days, as it will retain the natural oils of your hair and won’t strip them of moisture.

Myth 2-

Frequent trimmings will help to make your hair grow faster.



Hair does not grow from ends. It grows from the roots. So while regular trims will help you keep your hair healthy, it will definitely not give surety of a faster growth.

Myth 3-

Washing your hair with cold water will make your hair shinier.



This one’s half-myth! Cold water tends to enhance the shine of your hair, but don’t use it very frequently. To raise the circulation in your hair follicles, wash it with lukewarm water.

Myth 4-

Plucking out a strand of grey hair will intensify their growth.



If you pluck out one strand of grey hair, you will not have 2-3 strands sprout out in its place, but you will surely create scalp irritation that is damaging to your hair follicle.

Myth 5-

Split ends can be cured with the right kind of products.



Split ends are a result of brittle and dry hair. So while it is vital to keep your hair moisturized, a good trim after every 6-8 weeks shouldn’t be avoided either.

Myth 6-

Sunrays lighten up your hair and are very healthy.



The scalp is extremely sensitive and gets easily sun burnt. So, too much sun is very harmful and can dry your hair follicles, leaving your hair brittle.

Myth 7-

Brushing your hair hundred times will make your hair shiny.



Over-brushing tends to cause friction in your scalp, leading to hair breakage and cuticle damage.

Myth 8-

People with greasy hair should skip conditioner.



Greasy hair is a result of overproduction of sebum and should not be entirely attributed to conditioner. Pick a dry conditioner, in case you have excessively oily hair.

Myth 9-

Hair texture remains the same for everyone.



Hair texture changes over time because of stress, pregnancy or menopause. So don’t expect your hair to remain the same forever.

Myth 10-

Tying up your hair will help reduce dandruff.



Haha… Good morning! Tying your hair up in a ponytail or bun will only hide the dandruff and not reduce it.

So forget these age old myths, and say bye-bye to the brainless beliefs!