10 Celebrities and Their Good-Looking Siblings

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Here are some celebrities’ siblings who will make you wonder why you didn’t see them before!

1. Sonam Kapoor & Rhea Kapoor


If you love the style of Sonam Kapoor, you might wanna know the brains behind her style. Rhea Kapoor, Sonam’s sister styles most of her looks. Remember the transformation of Sonam in Aisha? Well, the credit goes to none other than the equally gorgeous Rhea.

2. Robert Pattinson, Lizzy & Victoria Pattinson


Okay! We completely love Robert Pattinson (more than Kristen Stewart). Take a glance of his lovely sisters, and you might turn your attentions to the equally gorgeous Lizzy and Victoria Pattinson. Ah! The beautiful Pattinson clan!

3. Penelope Cruz & Monica Cruz


Can you imagine someone more beautiful than the perfect Penelope Cruz? Let us introduce you to Monica Cruz, the almost twin sister of Penelope.

P.S.: she is curvier than Penelope, no kidding!

4. Katrina Kaif & Isabella Kaif


As if Katrina Kaif isn’t enough for the global warming! Here’s her adorable sister Isabella Kaif who is cute as hell! Does she remind you of some MMS leak? Yep! That’s her!

5. Olsen sisters


The Olsen sisters are probably the cutest siblings. Elizabeth Olsen, the younger sibling of Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, is going to give her sisters a run for their money.

6. Sushmita Sen and Rajiv Sen


Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajiv has caught our eye, and we happen to think that he is super cute. What say?

7. Blake Lively & Eric Lively


We can’t help shifting our focus from the cute Blake Lively to the extremely hot gentleman beside her, Eric Lively! Wooo! The name’s like music to my ears! Just one word – HOT!

8. Brandy Cyrus & Miley Cyrus


Brandy Cyrus and Miley Cyrus! Aren’t they just endearing together? I’m already a fan of brandy’s big, beautiful eyes!

9. Shruti Hassan & Akshara Hassan


After the pretty daughter Shruti of Kamal Hassan, it’s time for her younger sister Akshara, who is believed to be making debut in Bollywood soon. So who do you think is prettier of the two sisters?

10. Ranbir Kapoor & Riddhima Kapoor


Is there any second opinion about Ranbir is the best of the young B’town brigade? And so is the case of his sister Riddhima who is  elegantly gorgeous. We love the whole clan!