10 Bollywood Celebs that Died Young

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Bollywood and its celebs have been an integral part of our lives. Celebrities have been an inspiration for all of us. We adore our favorites and imitate their styles in our lives. They raise our eyebrows every time with their notching acting skills, deadly stunts, romantic dances and much more. We are highly impressed with the glamour and high quotient profiles of celebrities, overlooking the darkness and sadness behind the glamour.

We have seen celebrities making us laugh, love, cry, but never felt their inner emotions, the kind of lives they live behind reels, their complicated relationships, and loneliness. As a victim of depression, they become addicted to alcoholism, drugs and smoke. Eventually, they die due to such awful habits or commit suicides.

Today, I am going to bring forth you the story of 10 celebrities, who died very young when their career was at peak. I am also going to cover a few celebs that died under mysterious conditions, leaving behind no proof.

1. Jiah Khan


She was born as Nafisa Khan, and became a public eye with her controversial flick Nishabd with Amitabh Bachchan, in 2007. Though the movie flopped at the box office, but Jiah bagged two flicks in her kitty – Ghajini and Houseful 2 post Nishabd. Jiah was highly praised for her acting skills in both the movies. She was doing well on her career graph, but suddenly the whole fraternity was shocked with the sudden demise of this young yet talented actor. She died at an age of just 25, when she hung herself on 3rd June 2013.

Aditya Pancholi’s son Suraj Pancholi was alleged to be the reason behind her suicide as told by Jiah’s mother to media.

2. Madhubala


She was born as Mumtaz Jahan Dehlavi. She created her magic with her million dollar smile. She is considered to be the priceless and the most precious gifts that Indian cinema could have received ever. Madhubala was diagnosed with a chronic heart disease in 1950s, which could not be cured due to lack of technology. She was born with a hole in her heart, which was kept hidden from the whole fraternity. Once, she vomited blood on the sets of her movie ‘Madras’, thus unveiling the secret in front of everyone. She was later operated in London, but she could not survive much and died at the young age of 36, leaving Indian cinema with an empty space forever.

3. Taruni Sachdev


This cute little princess was popular as ‘Rasna girl’ amongst every age group. After Rasna, she became popular with her magical acting in PAA, starring Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan. She died in a plane crash on 14th May 2012 at a tender age of 14. Surprisingly, Taruni was born on 14th May only, and the day she died was her 14th birthday. It was sad and shocking for the whole industry to believe that their very own Rasna girl is no more with them.

4. Sanjeev Kumar


He was one of the most terrific and versatile actors of all times. He did all of his roles with perfection and dedication. He played the roles of 50 years old in his flicks, but in real life, he could not step into his 50th year as he suffered a major heart attack and died at an age of 47. The actor was in love with his dream girl – Hema Malini, but she never reciprocated her feelings for him and married Dharmendra.

5. Silk Smitha


She was originally known as Vijaylakshmi. Her name went on to become Silk when she did a role with that name in a flick of southern India- Vandichakram. She was popular for her raunchy roles in movies. She became popular in Indian Cinema after her role in Sadma. The whole story came to an end when Silk committed a suicide in 1996, at an age of just 36. The reasons of her suicide were financial crisis, betrayal in love, and practice of alcoholism. Ekta Kapoor paid tribute to her by making a film on her real life that became a huge success at the box office, and bagged many accolades and appreciation in its kitty.

6. Guru Dutt


This man was a complete package as being a producer, director and a legendary actor. He made Indian cinema to reach at its peak during its golden era and his contribution to Indian cinema is simply unmatched. Prior to his third and final suicide attempt, he had tried suicide attempts twice. He died at an age of 39 in 1964. Had he lived for more years, he would have contributed a lot to the fraternity.

7. Meena Kumari


She is called as a tragedy queen of Bollywood by many died at a rising age of 39, when her career was shining at its best. The cause of her death was excessive alcohol consumption making her suffer from liver cirrhosis. It is said that she became addicted to alcohol because of her separation with her husband Kamal Amrohi. It is also said that when she was breathing her last in a nursing home, there was no money to pay for her hospital bills even.

8. Smita Patil


She was addressed as one of the most graceful, versatile, and beautiful actresses of Indian cinema. She was the winner of two national awards. She died at an age of 31, in 1986, due to childbirth complications. She died right after 14 days of delivering Prateik Babbar. Her death at such a young age became a huge loss for Indian cinema.

9. Geeta Bali


This gorgeous lady got married to the talented Shammi Kapoor, right after stepping into the industry. Everything seemed perfect in their married life until the time when Geeta left Shammi at an age of 35, in 1965. The actress died because of smallpox, and her place can never be replaced ever by anyone.

10. Divya Bharti


She started acting when she was just 13. She was the most vivacious and promising actor of her time. She was referred as the future reigning queen of Bollywood. All her plans and dreams were brutally crushed by her destiny, when she died at a tender age of 19. She fell from the fifth floor of her house. She died under extremely mysterious conditions, and proofs of her death are unknown even till today. Had she lived longer, she would have achieved status like Madhuri Dixit and Karisma Kapoor.

These were the celebs who died at a very young age of their lives, and when their career was flourishing and shining like a star. May god rest all of them in peace!