10 Best Makeup Ideas to Compliment a Red Lipstick

Ready for a sexy red pout? Learn the right way to flaunt it with Feminiya.

How you drool when you see the red carpet beauties rocking red lipsticks, but, when you try the trend, it doesn’t come out that smoldering?  Well ladies, that’s perfectly normal! Red lipsticks are a bit tricky. If you don’t wear them with the right eye makeup, you may end up looking like a clown.

But don’t worry; you don’t have to give up on the trend because we have got you 10 smart ways to wear a red lipstick!

Have a look at the different bloody-lips look of these celebrities to take inspiration from.

1.     Kristen Stewart


We love how Kristen nailed it perfectly with nude eyes and just a bit of shimmer eye shadow. To get this look, use a bright red lipstick and make sure to line your lips perfectly, before filling in. Keep the eye makeup minimal. Skip kajal and liner, but, apply a few strokes of mascara with a swipe of grey/ blue/ green shimmer eye shadow. If you can find a shadow that has less color and more sparkle pigments that would be perfect.

2.     Kareena Kapoor


Well, Kareena definitely got the best of red lipstick. She gets brownie points for her cashmere skin, but we’d love to try the way, she does her eyes here. Use a brown/ grey matte eye shadow on the crease only. Conceal any dark circles under your eyes. You can use a white kajal to brighten up your eyes. Follow up with eyeliner and mascara. Always line your lips very carefully while using red lipstick coz; it immediately draws attention towards your lips.

3.     Katy Perry


Katy Perry has bold written all over her with this look. Mostly we suggest toning down other things, while wearing a red pout, but if, all you want is glamour, you may take inspiration from Katy. The fully loaded lashes, bold brows, Hollywood curls and a red stained pout upped the glamour quotient and promises spotlight, if that’s what you are looking for.

4.     Sonam Kapoor


Check out how Sonam Kapoor used the red lipstick to achieve the gorgeous gothic look. Bold brows and a darker red lipstick with matte finish would do the magic. Use a black or grey eye liner and stretch it a little ahead in a slight wing. Sonam has used white kajal to brighten the eye and a little silver eye shadow under the eyes to lift them up. She has used a pink eye shadow to compliment her blush; you can use grey, coral, pink, magenta, etc. according to your skin tone and the occasion. Try to tie your hair back with this look, so that there isn’t too much going on.

5.     Deepika Padukone


We adore how Deepika carried off the red lipstick with her dusky complexion. So, you see red lipstick is not all about fair complexion. Just do the base very neatly; no dark circles or marks should be visible. Deepika hasn’t toned down the eyes, but it looks fabulous. Just basic liner, mascara and tightlining the lower lash would do the magic. Keep your hair tied back.

6.     Rihanna


The ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ shows us that red lips are not only for red carpets. Rihanna carried the stained pout to the beach. To get this look, you must blot the lipstick after applying it, so that it’s barely there.  Keep your eyes neutral or just one swipe of mascara would do. We have to admit that this is a gorgeously different look to wear on the beach. Give it a try!

7.     Scarlet Johansson


Don’t you just love Scarlet Johansson’s romantic red lips look?  Apply the liner from the middle of the eye lash, thickening as it extends forward. It’s close to the  kitten eye makeup. Brighten the area near the tear duct with a white/ silver shimmer powder to give yourself a fresh wide awake look. Keep the mascara basic for this one and line your lower lash line a little bit. You may or may not use the white kajal on the waterline, but we’d recommend it.

8.     Anushka Sharma


For a retro look, nothing would be better than a red lipstick. Anushka nailed it just right. To get this look, you must prepare the base nicely with a little bit of blush on your cheekbones. Apply winged eye liner extending it a little longer than usual. Line your lower lashline and apply white kajal on the waterline. Use a lip liner to define the lips properly, before applying the lipstick.

9.     Angelina Jolie


We have seen different shades of red lipsticks on Angelina. Looks like the diva is in love with the color and here, she shows how to carry red lips with a light smokey eye makeup. Just remember not to use a darker red with the smokey eyes. Jolie has used the perfect shade, so, you may need to struggle a little to find the right shade.

10.    Shraddha Kapoor


Ever thought of taking a casual turn at the red lipstick? We are awestruck with the way Shraddha Kapoor teamed her geeky glasses with red lipstick. To get this look, you just need to prepare the base nicely and get a pair of glasses. That if, you don’t already own one.

So, now you have plenty of choices to try the red lipstick. Do post us your picture when you try any of these looks!