10 Best Fashion Magazines to Keep You Updated

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With the growing pace of the fashion industry in India, fad for fashion has been increasing tremendously.  For keeping ourselves updated in fashion, we subscribe to a lot of magazines. Fashion magazines are quintessential medium to keep you au courant, with the latest fashion and tit bits of fashion fraternity.

Feminiya has come up with the top 10 fashion magazines that you can subscribe to, for knowing the latest in fashion trends.

#10- Savvy


Savvy has been one of the leading magazines in India. Though it has been a phenomenon in covering various spheres of women’s lives besides fashion, but still it covers a lot of fashion updates and tit bits. Besides fashion, it covers health, relationship, parenting, fitness, and beauty of a woman.

#9- Women’s era


Now, this is another magazine that has gone viral. No doubt, this is one of the best and oldest magazines in India, covering from fashion to lifestyle, and just everything that is women oriented. This magazine was first published in 1973 and since then helping out the Indian women, in every possible manner. The magazine comes up with certain short stories that let you peep into Indian families and their lives.

#8- Marie Claire


Marie Claire was published in France, and later was distributed to different countries in their respective languages. The magazine shares its voice with its readers in each issue, while magazine in USA covers women from all over the globe.



Verve is a fashion oriented magazine that originated from India, by Anuradha Mahindra in 1995. It covers everything on fashion, from achievers in the fashion industry to the best collection of the designers. The magazine has been changing constantly with time, updating itself with the current trends. It truly reflects the frisky women of today.

#6- Femina


Femina is also one of the oldest and the most popular magazines in India.  It was first published in 1959. Femina has been a sponsor of prestigious Femina Miss India pageant since 1964. It revolves around fashion, and keeps its reader updated in its each issue that is published fortnightly.



Cosmo was first published in 1886, in US, as a family magazine, then converted to a literary magazine and eventually became a women’s magazine. With 63 international editions published in 36 languages, circulated in over 100 countries, the magazine certainly rules the world as one of the hottest selling magazines.



Elle is of French origin that celebrates women’s fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. It is also one of world’s largest fashion magazines. Elle means ‘she’ in French. It is now solely the largest fashion magazine, with 42 int’l editions in over 35 countries.



It is an Italian magazine’s Indian edition that covers women’s fashion. It keeps its readers updated with the latest fashion, shopping spots, designers and their collections, beauty tips, and much more. The very first issue in India was launched in February 2008, with the sizzling Bipasha Basu as its first cover girl.

#2- Harper’s Bazaar


It’s an American magazine that was first published in 1867. It is aimed at upper middle and upper classes. It assembles photographers, designers, artists from around the world, to present a new perspective of fashion to the world.

#1- Vogue


Vogue is indeed, India’s best fashion magazine that showcases designers and their collection, not just from India but all over the globe. It covers all the latest fashion, celebrity lifestyles, photos, and more. It is published monthly in one regional and 18 national edition.

So, after knowing the insights about these magazines, subscribe to your favorite magazine today.

Have you subscribed it yet or not?