10 Benefits of Jogging


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Well, if you have recently taken up jogging to lose your extra pounds, I would say it’s a great choice. Bravo!! I personally love jogging. It has benefited my health in an innumerable number of ways. So, if you want to take up jogging to boost your health, you must know that you do not have to be a marathon runner to benefit from this anaerobic exercise.  All you need is a pair of nice sports shoes and tights to benefit from this wonderful exercise. Read on!!

1. It Makes You Moving

You burn 500 calories after 45 min of jogging. Isn’t that remarkable? After all, it gets you out off the couch and makes you burn your calories.

2. Great Cardio Workout

Apart from burning calories, it makes your heart thump – which is great for cardio. A bonus!! It strengthens your heart system which is great for healthy living.

3. Great Body Endurance

After a few days of your daily run, you will feel that you can still go for a small run further.  You will feel more energised and relaxed throughout the day.

4. Strong Core From Within

Did you know the secret for toned abs is a well built core from within? So, the way to your strong core is – jogging. Get going!!

5. It’s Easy

As long as you know how to jog, you don’t need any other instructions. All you need is a pair of good shoes and a right place to hit the track.

6. It’s Free Of Cost

Who says to burn the extra kilos, one has to pay money? Jogging is absolutely cost free (except for the cost of sport shoes). Isn’t that sweet?

7. No Gym Membership

You put on your favourite track on your portable MP3 player and get going. Who wants a yearly membership to shed those extra pounds? After all money matters!!

8. Meeting New Pals

Who knows…. you might come across a handsome guy on your way? Maybe you meet him in the nearby park. What if he is also a fitness freak like you? So, next time you go for a jog, don’t wear your ragged tee (like the usual days).

9. Improves Sleep

One of the best reasons to jog is to make you sleep better and quicker as compared to other days. In addition to this, it will save you from all the light night chit chats which empty your pockets (thanks to the recharge coupons).

10. Boosts Body’s Immunity

Researchers have found that a regular twenty minutes of jogging helps you to stay from cough and cold. The body resistance increases by 33%. Isn’t that a strong reason for you to pick up jogging?

Now, that you know the reasons for a good health! What are you waiting for? Who knows you could be the next P.T Usha of India??