10 Benefits of Curd for Skincare

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 Are you tired of the cosmetics creams, facials, scrubs, bleach and all possible beauty treatments at salons? If yes then all you need to do is switch over to your kitchen for natural treatments.  No! I am not talking about vegetables and fruits this time. Well, let me give you a hint. We are going to talk about something creamy, delicious, and rich in vitamins and minerals. It is Skin friendly as well as pocket friendly. Bingo! Yes I am talking about curd! Be it bleaching, cleansing, toning to exfoliating, curd is the best tonic to your skin. Here are few of my favorite homemade curd remedies that will add on that rosy glow to your skin!

1. Curd for Instant Glow


Mix a spoon of honey with curd. Apply this pack over your face for 15 minutes. Wash and pat dry. You will feel fresh and glow to your face.

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2. Curd for Soft Skin


Combine turmeric and rose water to curd. Apply it for 20 minutes. Your skin will feel soft and refreshed.

3.  Curd as a Natural Bleach


Add lemon and sugar to curd. Apply it for 20 minutes for natural bleach.

4.  Curd for Removing Sun Tan


Combine lemon and besan to curd. Apply it over your sun tanned area for 15 minutes. Wash and pat dry.

5.  Curd as an Anti-aging Product


Apply curd to your face to decrease wrinkles and fine lines from your face.

6.   Curd as a Skin Lightener


Mix a spoon of papaya paste and honey to curd. Apply it over your face to get a natural glow.

7.  Curd as a Skin Toner


Blend a spoon of olive oil to curd. Apply it over your face and neck for a toned skin.

8.  Curd as a Natural Scrub


Combine a beaten egg and a spoon of oats to curd. Massage it over your face and leave it for some time. A natural scrub to your face.

9.  Curd for Home Facial


Blend fruits along with cucumber and honey with curd for a homemade facial massage.

10.  Curd as Natural Cleanser


Mix almond oil, fuller’s earth along with curd for a natural cleanser.

So, use these beauty applications in your daily regime and get the radiant glow! Get set to flaunt your skin with confidence.