10 B-wood Sex Scandals that Traumatized Us

The glamour and glitz of the tinsel town attracts every youth of the country, but the truth is something else! A world of dark secrets lies behind this glitz. For a long time, B-wood has the tradition of casting couch and several bigwigs are charged with crossing the line of decency. Here are some hot shots from the lanes of our so called rosy B-town that rocked and shocked the entire entertainment industry.

1.    Jackie Shroff


Tabu was 15 years old, when she charged Jackie Shroff of molesting her. She had accompanied her elder sister Farah Naaz for an outstation shoot, when the incident took place. However, no case was filed.

2.    Anupam Kher


Versatile actor, Anupam Kher, is not spared from the grimy deeds list. Film Monthly alleged him for molesting Mamta Kulkarni’s sister.

3.    Aditya Pancholi


Aditya was indicted of raping Pooja Bedi’s (his then girlfriend) 16-year old maid. He had also been charged for physically abusing Kangana Ranaut.

4.    Rajesh Khanna


Yesteryears actor Rajesh Khanna was also named in B-wood’s black history. Sabiha, 15-year old daughter of actress Amita, accused Rajesh of molesting her on the sets of Anokha Rishta.

5.    Ashmit Patel


Almost 6 years ago, a MMS went viral on the Internet, in which Riya Sen was showed preparing for making out with Ashmit Patel. This MMS was tapped by the actor himself.

6.    Aman Verma


In a sting operation, conducted by a TV channel, Aman Verma was clearly shown using his position and fame in the industry to get sexual favours from a struggling actress.

7.    Shakti Kapoor


In 2005, the bad man of Bollywood, Shakti Kapoor, was caught in a sting operation, demanding sexual favours from an aspiring actress by promising her good roles in movies.

8.    Shiney Ahuja


In 2009, Shiney Ahuja was charged with raping and molesting his 20-year old housemaid, when his wife was out of town. The actor was arrested and sent to jail. The DNA test also confirmed rape.

9.    Mika Singh


Rakhi Sawant charged the pop singer and actor Mika Singh of outraging her modesty by forcibly kissing her on her birthday. She also filed a case and Mika was arrested under Sec 354 and Sec 323 of the IPC. However, he was granted bail later. 

10.    Madhur Bhandarkar


Then struggling actress, Preeti Jain, accused the national award winning director and producer, Madhur Bhandarkar, of repeatedly raping her, under the false pretences of a lead role in his movies and marriage. Mumbai police booked him, but later, he was granted bail.