10 Artistry Tips To Make Your Small Room Appear Big!

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With the elevated prices and rising population, it is very difficult to find a large house ,but trust me small spaces are no problem with a lil endeavour and creativity. With these ideas, you can make your small rooms appear large, and bag compliments for the smart interior designing. Small is beautiful and practical too! (Less space=less cleaning area)

1.      Monochromatic Color Scheme

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Use a monochromatic color scheme in your room. From furniture to walls to the curtains, rugs and carpets, use the same color in altered shades and textures to make the room look larger.

2.      High Ceiling and Reflective Floor

If possible extend the ceiling a bit. This would increase the space in the room. Try to use floor that reflects, like tiles and granite floors. The space not only looks neater but larger too as compared to your actual room.

3.      Natural Light

Let as much natural light in as you can. Also, paint the walls in neutral hues, like whites and icy blues to give the impression of an open airy space. Use large windows if you have a nice view outside; otherwise you can use large ventilation windows above doors and windows. You will be surprised to see how the sunlight brightens up the room and cuts on your electricity bills, as well.

4.      Legged furniture

Use furniture raised on legs. Sofas, armchairs and tables, which are raised on legs, not only give the impression of more floor space, but are practical too. Also, you can use glass top centre table, coffee tables and corners. They reflect light and give the impression of a bigger and brighter room.

5.      Un-clutter

Break the bond with useless stuff and furniture that does not compliment your room. Cluttered stuff gives the impression of a small and stuffed place. Try to keep things organised and shut stuff in closed shelves instead of leaving them in open. Remove all those unnecessary showpieces and side tables.

6.      Less walls and doors

Combine spaces by removing walls. For ex: you can combine your living and dining space and make the house appears bigger. The lesser the doors the better space to explore. Keep the styling simple. Plain window panels and furniture. Avoid unnecessary ruffles in the curtains and other decor.

7.      Mirror effect

Install a stylish oversized mirror or a set of some small mirrors. The mirror trick works great creating the impression of more space than with the plain walls.

8.      Small prints

Use small prints in wall papers and rugs to create uniformity throughout the room. See through light colored curtains would be preferable. Decorate the house with glass artworks.

9.      Multifunctional furniture

Make use of multifunctional furniture used for other chores, which can be turned and twisted. Sofas and beds with inbuilt drawers are quite popular and very practical.

10.  Shelves

Do not stuff the shelves full. Be it bookshelf or the kitchen shelves, leave half or one fourth shelf empty and see how genius it is to create the impression of space.