How to Style Waterfall Curls Like A Pro – Top 5 Looks

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Waterfall curls look gorgeous, no matter how you style them. Whenever you can’t decide which hairstyle to go with, you can always choose waterfall curls as your backup. However, your hair needs to be long if you want to get waterfall hairstyle with curls because they require a lot of lengths.


How to Get Waterfall Hairdos with Curls

How to Get Waterfall Curls

You need to make sure that you style curly waterfall hair properly because they can easily loosen and turn into a disaster. However, if you follow the right steps and instructions, you can get amazing waterfall curls at home! Here’s how you should style waterfall curls:

  • First of all, wash your hair properly and then use a conditioner to condition it.
  • Next, dry your hair using a hairdryer. You need to make sure that you dry your hair completely so that humidity doesn’t mess with your hair and loosen up your curls or make them frizzy.
  • After you’re done drying your hair, straighten your hair from top to bottom.
  • Now, curl your hair using a curling rod. Make sure not to reach the roots, just curl till you’re halfway up.
  • There you go, you have gorgeous waterfall curls!


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Do Waterfall Curls


Trendy Hairstyles with Waterfall Curls

Curls can be styled very easily because they look very pretty on their own. Here are a few hairstyles involving waterfall curls that you can get inspiration from:

1. Long Blonde Curly Hair

wedding hairstyle with waterfall curls

The long blonde hairstyle with bangs in the picture above look absolutely stunning and gorgeous! If you want to keep your hair open on your wedding day, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you to go with. The puff at the top along with the waterfall curls at the back are a great combination and will make you look as glamorous as ever on your big day.


2. Half Up Half Down Curly Hair

Waterfall Curls with a Twisted Hairstyle

The picture above shows a pretty impressive waterfall hairstyle with curls that you can wear on casual occasions whenever you feel like dressing up. You can also wear this hairstyle to formal occasions after adding some hair accessories to enhance the look. You can add flowers and pearls in the braid to amplify the look!


3. Black Hair with Brown Highlights

hairstyles with waterfall curls

This waterfall curled hairstyle is great for girls with long hair because the bow gives a kind of childish look. If you’re taking your little one to a party or a wedding, I’d recommend that you give them this look! It’s decent and adorable as well. It won’t make your kid look older than her age either.


4. Pin Curl Updo

Waterfall Curls with Pin Curl Updo

This hairstyle for curly waterfall hair is an absolute favorite because it’s so elegant and graceful! It’s also pretty simple when you consider how it’s done and it gives off classy vibes as well. The flower band enhances the look of the style pretty well. Moreover, this hairstyle is also pretty symmetrical and well, symmetrical things always look a lot more beautiful!


5. Brown Curls with a Double French Braid

Waterfall Curls with a Double French Braid

The waterfall curls above look absolutely gorgeous and the braid gives a very neat look! This hairstyle is easy to maintain and have because the braid will keep your hair in place and you don’t need to worry about your hair going here and there, which is usually the case with open hair.

Here, the braid on the side is a double braid instead of the normal single braid, which also amplifies the look because a single braid would look too thin.


So, what are you waiting for? Style your waterfall hair with curls because they look absolutely gorgeous and you can never go wrong with them! When you can’t think of any other hairstyle, go with waterfall curls!