10 Short Stacked Bob with Bangs to Get Brownie Points

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Short stacked bob with bangs is one of the trending hairstyles among short hair lover women. In the past, women who wore short hair were not recognized as real women. The short hair was a sign of some punishment. But, today, we are far from those beliefs.

The short hair is as beautiful and fashionable as any other length and there are no more prejudices about that. Women decide to wear short hair from many different reasons: some cannot grow the long hair, some have thin hair that breaks all the time, some like it short and some just do not have the time or the nerve to deal with hair. Whichever the reason, the short hair is stylish and there are many different styles you can flaunt.


How to Cut Stacked Bob on Short Thin Hair

Short Stacked Bob on Thin Hair

Thin hair tends to break and damage much easier than thick hair. However, its good side is that it is styled much easier than the thick hair. When it comes to cutting a short stacked bob on thin hair, it is important to maintain a certain length.

Having this said, the length of the longest parts of hair will create nice layering and visually will give your hair better look. Cutting a stacked bob should be done by professional hands.

The hairstylist will determine the right high of the high layers; will show you how to keep it tidy and nice and how to style it. When cutting the bob it is important to decide what type of part you will be wearing, so that the hairdresser can cut your hair accordingly.


How to Style Short Stacked Bob with Bangs

short stacked bob with bangs

As many are afraid of cutting and wearing bangs, the stacked short bob comes perfectly with them. The bangs make the hairstyle whole, give it a nice finish and add to the beauty of your face. If the bangs were the only issue in choosing whether to wear stacked bob or not we highly suggest them.

They are super easy to style. You will not spend more than 2 minutes on them and you only need a round brush, hairdryer, and hair straightener – all the things that you usually work with.


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Latest Short Stacked Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

One of the most popular styles of the short hair that has the dose of feminine vibe is the stacked bob. Stacked bob allows your hairstyle to look fuller and the beauty of it lays in the back cut of the hair. This hairstyle is popular and adored by women of all ages because it is easy to style and care.

It is suitable for both thin and thick hair, so the only thing that you need to decide is the exact style you want to have. We have 10 short stacked bob with bangs ideas for making it easier for you to choose.

1. Choppy Bob with Long Bangs

 Choppy Stacked Bob with Long Bangs

This bob with bangs is perfect for women with thin hair and hair that breaks a lot. The middle part defines the bob, and the long bangs are layered on the sides. The upper part of the hair is shorter, and comes over the lower part, creating nice volume.


2.  Stacked Pixie Bob with Side Bangs

Short Stacked Pixie Bob with Side Bangs

The blonde short stacked bob with bangs on the side is longer and bit similar version of the pixie. The lower parts of the hair are cut super short, while the length of the bob comes from the upper parts. The part is on the side, from where the bangs start too. The back is pulled up.

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3. Stacked Layered Bob with Bangs

Stacked Layered Bob with Bangs

One more common look is the French bangs on short stacked bob. The hair is cut precisely, the layering is very subtle and the stacked part is still kept. The bangs are natural and short.


4. Short A-line Bob

Short Stacked A-line Bob with Straight Bangs

A bit different and edgier version of the previous one is the layered short stacked bob with sharp edges and straight bangs. The bob is asymmetrical, longer on the front. The layering is visible through the whole haircut and the bangs are thick and straight, in a perfect line.


5. Sassy Stacked Bob

saay stacked short bob with bangs

The combination of short bangs and ear-length hair come together in this stacked bob, where the back of the head is highly voluminous and accented by the stacked cut. The ends are edgy and choppy.


6. Lavender Bob with Baby Bangs

stacked lavender bob with baby bangs

Those who want to play safe with heir look cannot go wrong with the short stacked bob with bangs on straight hair. The sides are equal in length, straight, with baby bangs that go over the face.

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7. Short Curly Bob

curly short stacked bob with bangs for women

The curly hair can also look good in a stacked bob. Let your curls fall naturally all around, with the front part of the bob longer than the back. The stacked bob cut will look wonderful with the short curls. The bangs are curly too.


8. Tousled Bob

There are many different looks of a wavy bob, and all comes down to the time you have on your hands. This straight bangs on short stacked cut bob will require soft locks at the ends. The stacked cut will give texture and orientation.


9. Stacked Asymmetrical Bob

Short Stacked Bob with Long Bangs

The asymmetric short stacked bob with bangs gives a specific frame to your face, making it more egg-shaped and accenting the chin. The short length of the bob is somewhere between the ears and the chin, with an unordinary cut to sides and no specific line. The bangs are also in long in length, discreetly parted to both sides.


10. Chin-length Bob

stacked bob with side bangs

The asymmetrical cuts are chosen by the women who are open-minded and unique in their choices. With this short length stacked bob cuts with side bangs, they let the hair speak for them. The bob with a side part is voluminous, one part is straight the other is slightly waved. The bangs are completely pushed to the side.


The bob choices are quite varied and you can always make your own request. Whether you have thin or thick hair, these super cute styles will make you look trendy and fresh. The bangs will complete your hairstyle and accent your eyes, which will definitely make you even more attractive. So, which short stacked bob with bangs hairstyle is you gonna pick for yourself.