8 Short Layered Bob Hairstyles That Will Blow Your Mind

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There are countless reasons to get a short layered bob but the predominant one is: it is the hairstyle of 2019! This year, Oscars was a showdown for gorgeous women with various different bobs cuts. Along with their couture dresses, they also sported their new trendy hairstyles. In light of this event, we have your back.


Popular Short Bob Hairstyles with Layers

By opting for these layered bob hairstyles and haircuts, you can be on the go in no time. Check out the list of 8 short layered bob haircuts that you could rock.

1. Quirky Curls

curly short layered bob for women

A common misconception of bob cuts is that only women with straight hair can sport it. Bob cuts are more about how you style them and less about the texture of your natural hair. Thus, layered short bob with brown highlights is great for black hair of any texture. Curling your layered hair in different directions helps create texture.


2. Red Hair with Bangs

red short layered bob

Short inverted bob with layers & bangs is something that is coming into style as the days go by. The multiple layers in the front is a great way to create dimension especially if you have a round face.


3. Short Stacked Bob with Bangs

short layered bob with bangs

Point cutting is a great alternative for a straight short layered bob with bangs hairstyle. Bobs are a great solution for unhealthy split ends. By getting this haircut you could look like you have healthy hair and look stylish as well.


4. Beachy Tousled Bob

short layered beachy bob

Styling bobs can be fun. Mostly because your hair is short and hence, you take lesser time styling it. This is when you can experiment with your hair more than usual. Beachy waves are always a safe bet. They are easy to do and a great option for volume.


5. Front Curl Short Bob

women with short layered bob

On mornings where you are on the go and barely 10 minutes to put yourself together, this short layered bob hairstyle is all you need. Instead of curling all your hair, you can curl the few strands towards the front. A fringe will also help you cover your forehead whilst completing the look.


6. Layered Wavy Bob

Layered Wavy Bob

Changing the directions of your curls can make a huge difference. To try something new, you can wave your hair backward. This short razor cut bob with layers will create an illusion of more volume and texture. You could also have a pointcut fringe to add to the look.


7. Classic Stacked Bob with Green Hue

short layered bob with green highlights

Experimenting with colors is a fun way to express yourself. A delicate A-line bob with green tips is something different. This hairstyle and hair color is so different; it will make you stand out. Again, a fringe is optional. You could decide based on the width of your forehead. To style, this haircut all you have to do is straighten your hair with a light hand.


8. Bob with Short Layers

bob with short layers

This layered short bob hairstyle has clearly been in trend form forever. Hence, having it clearly means you will never go out of style. The layers start at the crown, which results in little or no styling at all. This hairstyle is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to take an effort but still looks like they did. This haircut can almost be worn anywhere as well.


We have carefully curated these 8 short layered bob hairstyle for you. These haircuts are convenient and stylish. The other positive thing about them is that they are manageable. Because of this, they are low maintenance. Low maintenance haircuts are often necessary because of our busy lives. Not everyone has the luxury to spend hours to get ready on a daily basis. You also have the opportunity to have healthy hair and use less heat to style it.