5 Short Hairstyles with Versatile and Vibrant Color for Women

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Short hairstyle with colors are the hottest trends for women. Women love wearing color and those who are more daring the others experiment with their hairstyles. The vibrant colors usually are done on the short hairstyles, giving them a punk, quirky look.


Short Hair Color Ideas for Females

The options for short hair colors are so versatile and various, here is a list of suggestion of different colored hair looks to try:

1. Mermaid Short Bob

short mermaid blue hairstyles

This is a trendy and vibrant hair color for short hair, also called a mermaid style. The main color is the aqua blue color. It compliments the short hair length without making it over the top. To get more lovely looks like this sneak a peek at HairstyleCamp!


2. Violet Blunt Cut with Bangs

short hairstyles with colors

The vibrant violet is very eye-catching and intense hair color that looks great on short thick hair. The blunt cut and the blunt bangs make the look unique and the clean lines bring the color out.

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3. Midnight Blue Boycut with Undercut

short haircut with blue hair color

The midnight blue is a soft and exquisite short hair color that in the beauty world should be painted onto the hair, not dyed. This means that instead of the regular dying technique, you should paint the short hair with this color, but focus only at the top of the hair. with the shaved sides, the blue color stands out.


4. Braided Bubble Gum Bob

pink hair color for short hair

The short hairstyle with colors here is a combination of a pixie and the bob. This unique and very interesting look is done using aquamarine blue hair color and pink bubble gum. As they are opposite colors and hard to match, the application must be careful so that each color is kept separate. The blue is under, while the pink comes from above. Add a stylish and unexpected braid to show off the perfect colors.

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5. Red-Orange Wavy Bob with Bangs

short red orange hair with bangs

if you are somewhere between the orange and red, but you want somewhere between, and to be a pastel not intense, then this is the perfect hair color idea for short hair. However, it suits girls with a pale tone more than the other skin tones because the combination of orange and pastel give a fresh and healthy look to face and eyes. It can be worn straight or wavy.


Having short hair does not have to be boring. If you are up to some color, then choose the one you like the most and try the new look. You will leave a strong impression with these short hair colors that is for sure!