15 Mesmerizing Short Angled Bob Hairstyles for Women

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Short angled bob hairstyles have been around for centuries and occasionally, they transform into amazing hairstyles. You can rock such hairstyles no matter your age or the personality type you have. The chic bobs cut in diverse angles bring out the real beauty and style in you that makes you highly desirable. Here is all that you need to know about angled short bobs.


How to Style Short Angled Cut Bob

Styling short hair is tricky if you do not know the right method and tools of doing so. But we have made it easy for you with these simple steps of styling your angled short bob.

  • Start by washing your hair for a cleaner and smoother look. You can use dry shampoo to clean your hair if you do not feel like going for a shower too.
  • Squirt a handful of hair mousse on your palm and then gently rub it into the roots of your hair. Apply it on the roots and then gradually go down the shaft.
  • Then clip the top half of your hair and start blow drying it. Make sure that you brush your hair with a rolling brush while drying it.
  • Remove the clip and dry the top half of your hair too. Dry the hair at the back of your head at last and then brush it overall.
  • In the end, flat iron your hair if you want it to be straight or curl it according to your taste.
  • Finish up the styling by a good hair spray to keep it in its place throughout the day. Now you are all set to go out and amaze people with your lovely short bob.


Loveliest Short Length Angled Bob Hairstyles

Following are the most ravishing short angled cut bobs for women.

1. Chic Inverted Bob with Bangs & Layers

short angled bob hairstyles for women

This lovely and youthful chocolate brown angled short bob is all that you need to lift your general charm this season. The smart looking bob comes with a smooth angular trimming making it easy to style every morning when you are under pressure to reach your workplace. All you need to do is to brush it lightly and run off to make people admire your hot hair.


2. Pink Bob

short pink angled bob

Why go for a single toned or twin colored short angled bob when you can have fun with all your favorite colors? This colorful bob adds fun, charm and a free spirit to your personality that everyone will love you for.


3. Short Inverted Bob

angled bob with short red hair

This bob can be the right hairstyle choice for you if you want to go for something different and unique. This short length angled bob is a perfect blend of class and modern loveliness.


4. Highlighted Bob

short angled bob with highlights

Highlights are the best additional charm that you can get for your hair. This angled bob has an asymmetrical trimming along with brown highlights which make sure that all eyes are glued to it while you go somewhere.


5. Choppy Pixie Bob

angled pixie bob for women

This chic bob is the perfect mix of stylish and sultry which you are going to love on your head. The messy angled cut bob for short hair is all that you need this season to be the ultimate clan queen of fashionistas.


6. Side Swept Razored bob

Black shine is meant to be flaunted and what better way is there to flaunt it than with a chic angled cut short bob? It makes you look super trendy and you can truly be yourself when you have your hair styled this way. The side-swept angular bob is just the right thing you need to look like effortlessly charming.


7. Salt & Pepper Bob

You are never too old for some fashionable and classy hair, are you? This salt & pepper short bob is trimmed in all the right angles and helps you show off your age and wisdom in style. Even if you do not have grey hair you can yours dyed to get this amazing and eye-catching hairstyle.


8. Black Choppy Bob

If cute and lovely is your thing then go for this natural short angled bob with a side parting. Brush your hair inwards to give a round look to the overall bob and see how young and pretty you become. The choppy trimming makes sure that you look cute and young but not childish, so unleash your liveliness with this look.


9. Uneven Chopped Bob

Why not go all in and have the coolest short hairstyle this time? This messy angled bob is chopped off at several wonderful angles making it perfect for all ages. You are going to be so hot and irresistible with this one that warding off attention would be hard at times.


10. Feathered Bob Weave

black woman with short feathered angled bob

All that inner class is bound to show in everything that you do. This elegant feathered & angled short length bob is perfect for all the corporate meetings as well as the lazy strolls in the park. It brings the right class and sophistication to your appearance which is going to impress everyone.


11. Two Toned Bob

This bob is the coolest one that you will come across while looking for hip short bobs. One side is cropped very short with hair cut at incredible angles while the other side is longer and dyed differently. It will give you a completely different and funky look.


12. Textured Tousled Bob

Wavy short angled bobs are magical when it comes to hair transformations, aren’t they? This feathered bob is given the perfect style with all the dyes and easy waves which add volume and texture to it. So, why not show your creative and fun-loving side with this one?


13. Wavy Bob

This fun and vibrant angled bob is the ultimate short hairstyle that you need to bring out your inner spirit. The plum brown hair shade has the right hue for the energy that you want to take with you wherever you go. Get this one and see how all the girls start idealizing it. You will never believe the attention you will get after trying this one.


14. Curly Bob with Choppy Bangs

short and curly angled bob with bangs

The youthfulness loveliness is truly yours to own and rock with this chic and cool curly bob weave. The choppy bangs add the right drama and make you look like the style queen that you have always wanted.


15. Stacked Bob

stacked angled bob

This short angled bob is the best one for the women who love wavy and fun hair. The waves are cut short at lovely angles which make you even more attractive and pleasant to look at.


FAQs on Short Angled Bob Hairstyles

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding angular short bobs that people ask.

Q. Which Face Shape is suitable for Short length Angled bob?

Ans: Angled short bobs go for most face shapes, but oblong, oval and heart-shaped faces look the most attractive with them.


Q. Short Angled Bob or Chin Length Bob Which One is Chicer?

Ans: All kinds of bobs are spectacular, but it depends on the shape of your face to choose one. Shorter angled bob looks chic on the heart-shaped face and oval ones, while the chin-length bob is chicer on square faces if it is asymmetrical.


Have fun this season with the chicest and hottest hairstyle that you can get in the form of short angled bobs. You will love all the attention that you get!