Shaggy Bob: 21 Fantastic Hairstyles for Women

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Maintaining a shaggy bob haircut might be difficult during those days you don’t really know what to do with your short hair how to the hell to style it, but worry not, because we’ve put together a list of the most versatile, fun hairstyles for women with shaggy haircuts to try!


Coolest Shaggy Bob Hairstyles

We have compiled a list of 21 ravishing shaggy bob styles that women love.

#1: Red Hair with Bangs

red shaggy bob

Forget about straight-cuts short weave bobs! Give your short shaggy bob a fun twist and turn this hairstyle into something riskier. Crispy, pointy tips will give your haircut more texture and volume.

This hairstyle adds really short layers to your bob cut and can be easily achieved with a quick cut on the salon, some hair texture moose or any texturizing product, shake that along the length of your hair and you’re done!


#2: Short Bob with Bardot Bangs

shaggy bob haircut

Give your regular short or medium shaggy bob a change with a wispy bang. They look great in almost everyone and will give your short bob a more fun look almost instantly.

If you already have bangs, all you have to do is cut upwards with a hair scissor, creating irregular lines until you’re happy with the result. Pair these bangs with a messy hairstyle, and you’re ready to go.


#3: Medium Bob with Long Bangs

medium shaggy bob with bangs

For those women who want to cut their hair short but don’t want to commit to a short bob, you can always go for a medium haircut with long bangs, you get the style, without having to fully commit to it.

Long bobs along with a long, messy bang give a fresh look to your face, enhances your best features, and gives you that “oval face” shape that can be really flattering for those with an elongated face structure.


#4: Choppy Shaggy Bob

choppy shaggy bob

Choppy shaggy bobs are great for those women who want to go for a shorter hairstyle, while still being stylish. They look great on women with rounded face structure since its wispy ends and messy style gives them a more thin look.

This hairstyle is also great for women who are looking for a low maintenance haircut. A choppy bob with multiple layers and wispy ends will give you that careless, cool look you want.


#5: Inverted Bob with Layers and Bangs

inverted shaggy bob haircut

Inverted bobs are usually long in the front and short in the back, making it seem like your hair is actually longer than what it is. It’s a great haircut for those women who want to go short but also maintaining a certain length.

Medium shaggy bobs haircuts like this one are also a great option for women with thick hair since the multiple layers remove a lot of volumes, giving you a more light sense and easy to handle haircut.


#6: Short Angled Bob

Short shaggy bobs usually go over the shoulder and have multiple layers that make it seem like you have a lot of volumes, while actually taking some weight of your hair.

If you already have short hair but want to achieve this particular style, put some hair texture product on your hair, shake it around and puff it upwards, it will give you the exact same finish.


#7: Long Layered Bob with Bangs

Long shaggy bob haircuts are GREAT to get rid of split ends and giving yourself a makeover while maintaining the “long hair” look. These types of hairstyles are also longer in the front and slightly shorter in the back, giving you more volume.

Long bobs are great for those women who want to transition to a shorter bob over time but aren’t ready to let go of their hair right now.


#8: Medium Shaggy Bob

Mid-length shaggy bob haircuts with chestnut highlights are the way to go for those women with an oval or heart-shaped face since the shaggy haircut will accentuate their best features, while the highlights will light up your face, giving you a fresh look.


#9: Face Framing Highlights

Over the shoulder, shaggy bob haircuts are the perfect hairstyle for women who want to go for a classic and feminine cut that’s also low maintenance and long enough to throw in a hair bun in those bad hair days.


#10: Short Stacked Bob with Bangs

short shaggy bob with side bangs

Side bangs were the thing back in 2013, and they’re back now! Pair your regular short shag cut bob with a long side bang that will shape your face to look thinner and longer, giving your an oval face-shape effect that’s extremely fitting for most women.


#11: Straight Bob with Bangs

This is a great variation of the common shaggy bob haircut! Instead of going for an inverted shaggy bob, go for a short, straight cut with long bangs to frame your face and accentuate your cheekbones.


#12: Short Shaggy Balayage Bob

Pair two of the hottest haircut trends in one! Short shaggy style bob cuts mixed with a soft balayage that blends with your natural hair color while brightening up the ends of your hair is a great look for summer/autumn, and it’s very low maintenance, easy to handle cut!


#13: Layered Short Bob

Soft layers that blend with each other will give your short shaggy bob haircut a little twist! You can even ask your hairstylist to wisp the ends of your hair outwards for a more “careless” feel.


#14: Long Shaggy Bob with Soft Waves

If you want to give more texture and volume to your hair giving yourself soft beachy waves with a hair straightener can help you achieve that look! It even works in shorter shaggy bobs as well.


#15: Stacked Bob with Soft Curls

asymmetrical shaggy bob

Shaggy bob haircuts with a side shorter than the other are a great option for women who want a bolder look, not to mention, it helps you keep the length of your hair, and looks great both with waves and completely straight.


#16: Short Shag Hair with Baby Bangs

Off the shoulder, shaggy hairstyles with wispy ends and baby bangs are a great combo! The cut will naturally accentuate your cheekbones and make your forehead look smaller, giving you an overall younger, fresh look.


#17: Shaggy Tousled Bob 

Soft curls can be achieved with a hair straightener or a big curly iron! To make this look all you have to do is shake and deconstruct the curls to make them look looser and instantly gain more volume. It works perfectly for short, medium and long shaggy bob haircuts.


#18: Long Bob With Blue Tips

If you want to go for a riskier look then this one is for you. The layers if the long shaggy bob mixed with bright blue tips will give your haircut a great twist, plus, it’ll make it seem as if you have so much more volume than before!


#19: Medium Bob with Beach Highlights

Don’t mistake it for a balayage tho! Beach highlights will give your haircut a much more “relaxed” feel to it, making you look like you just came out of a beach vacation! It works great in all types of shaggy style bob cuts and looks amazing when paired with soft waves as well.


#20: Long Pixie with Bangs

short shaggy bob with baby bangs

Get some volume to your haircut by adding a little puff to your short shaggy hair bob! Add hair mousse or a texturizing product to the middle part of your hair and push it up! You can also shake it to give it a careless look to it and gain more volume as well.


#21: Bob with Red Highlights

medium shaggy bob with red highlights

Last, but not least, give your short shaggy bob haircut a twist with red undertones highlights! Red highlights look great in both blonde and darker hair tones and will light up your natural complexion.


Shaggy Bob Vs Choppy Bob

shaggy bob vs. choppy bob

Although they are similar haircuts, shaggy bobs and choppy bobs aren’t the same. Shaggy bob haircuts are usually more clean and long (hence why there are medium and long shaggy style bobs!) and are a great option for women who want change but aren’t ready to fully cut their hair.

Meanwhile, choppy bob haircuts are similar but tend to be shorter and messier, usually pair with wispy ends and lots of layers these types of haircuts are great for women who want a careless look and low maintenance cuts.

There’s no “better” type of haircut, it really depends on what your own personal style is and what you’re looking for in a hairstyle, but rather than that, these two types of haircuts are great and will give you a fresh, young look!


No matter what the length of your hair is, what color you dye it or if you have naturally thin or thick shaggy hair, bob hairstyles are versatile haircuts that can be styled however you want to depend on the occasion!

Don’t be afraid to play around with your hair, the different textures, hairdos, and colors! All of these things can totally transform your regular bob to a great shaggy bob style.