How to Do Shadow Root Hair – 6 Tips & Tricks

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Shadow root hair is getting immensely popular nowadays with all the self-acceptance and body positive changes around the globe. Gone are the days when women would dye the roots of their hair too. Now everyone knows that hair dyes are a real fashion lifesaver and we embrace them with open minds and hearts.

The roots now stay natural while the rest of the hair is dyed and there is no omnipresent fear of the roots showing from the dyed hair. Shadow rooted hair is love and they are meant to be flaunted, so why not just get them and flaunt them.


Tips & Tricks to Get Shadow Root on Hair

Doing shadow rooting hair technique takes some time and effort, but it is so much fun when you know all the tricks to get it right. Here are all the secrets unveiled for you.

1. Keep Things Natural

girl with shadow root hair

The best way to get the perfect shadow roots is to keep them as close to your natural hair color as possible. This can be done by using a dye with a shade closer to your natural hair color or going for shades which are 2-3 tones different to give the feel of a natural blend. When the roots grow, they will get a very subtle merging.

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2. Tap A Little Dye on The Roots

how to shadow root hair

In order to have shadow roots on short hair, it is not necessary to go at lengths and use a separate dye for roots. It will not only cost you a lot but will also take a lot of time. To avoid all the extras, you can just lightly tap the roots with the dye which you are using on the rest of your hair. This will give the roots a lighter color and will create shadow blend.


3. Get a Perfect Blend of Colors

how to blend color to the roots

Well, roots do not need a constant sitting of hair dye rather they need a flowing and blending feel about them. To get that perfect blend you need to keep combing the roots so that the color keeps flowing. Remember to comb while putting the dye on the roots not all the while during dying.


4. Go For A Cool Neutralizer

neutralizer for shadow root hair

A cool neutralizer is the perfect shadow blend for roots since it gives a gentle transitioning appearance to the overall hair. A warm neutralizer on a cool hair tone will look very contrasting and out of place.

It will also make your hair have a lesser texture and look ill-maintained. So, a cool neutralizer is the key to those glorious shadow hair roots that you have been aiming at.

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5. Diffuse The Color

diffusing color to the hair roots

The color does not have to be the same at all parts of the hair length. Rather a smoothly diffusing color is preferred for which you need to make sure that it keeps flowing. Instead of changing the amount of developer for different points of your hair length, just keep combing your hair. It will naturally bring more color at the lower ends than at the upper ones.


6. Get to The Hairline at The End

tips to get shadow root hair

The hairline has to be dyed at last since it needs the least time to let the dye sit in your hair. The gives the hairline a lighter color and gives a smoother transition overall.

It is integral to hold up the ends of your shadow root hair while you are rinsing off the dye. It will prevent your skin from any misadventures as well as the hair will adopt color in the proportion that you want it to.


Shado rooting hairstyles are the coolest way of saving money and showing off dramatic hair looks, so go for them and love yourself!