5 Mesmerizing Red Hairstyles with Bangs That Women Love

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If you’ve been wondering how to flaunt red hair with bangs, we made sure to round up 5 super-easy but trendy hairstyles that will capture your heart. The red color itself is already a statement, but when you add fringe things get even more interesting.


Vibrant Red Haired Bangs Styles

Check out these bangs with red hair looks and decide which combo you’d love to try next.

1. Intense Red Bob with Side Bangs

red bob with side bangs

This intense red hair with bangs is definitely eye-catching. If you are ready for a big commitment we recommend that you give it a go with a trendy lob chop.

Ideal for: Great for ladies who love standout hair colors for short hair.

How to Style: This blood red hair will look best combined with fringe.


2.  Tousled Bob with Baby Bangs

Short Red Hair with Baby Bangs

This is such a trendy bangs for red hair at the moment!

Ideal for: Baby bangs are the most flattering for oval or round face shapes.

How to Style: Get the bangs short, messy and mix them up with a very short bob.

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3. Long Ruby Red Hair with Blunt Bangs

 Long Ruby Red Hair with Blunt Bangs

Don’t worry, blunt bangs are much easier to style than you can think of. Matched with long red hair they will become your signature feature.

Ideal for: Square, oval face shapes and women with large foreheads should stick to long blunt bangs.

How to Style: The first thing to know is that bangs do grow fast, so you’ll have to regularly go to the hairstylists for trims. Aside from that, make sure to use color-protecting products.


4. Copper Bob with See-Through Bangs

Copper Bob with See-Through Bangs

Copper is the most beautiful red tone that is also extremely popular among celebrities. When you desperately need a change, but you’re not too brave to get a daring red, this is the tone that you’ll love.

Ideal for: First-time redheads should definitely go for copper. The see-through fringe is also great if you are skeptic whether blunt styles will look good on you. It is a fun choice for all ages and face shapes.

How to Style: Ask for a chic razored bob cut and see-through bangs. Go for long fringe if you have a square face shape or a big forehead. This copper red hairstyle with bangs is one of the most trendy looks.


5. Side Bangs on Layered Hair

 Long Red Hair with Long  Side Bangs

See-through bangs so easy to get, plus if you end up liking them it’s much easier to grow them out. Blunt and thick styles include more hair, and it will feel like ages until you grow them out.

Ideal for: Perfect for women who are not completely sure they will love fringe, so this red hair with bangs is their first try.

How to Style: Make sure that the bangs are long and side-swept. When it comes to the red hue you can also mix it up with your natural brown color.


Red hair with bangs is cool, stylish and a big trend this season. It doesn’t really matter if you have a long or short mane, we will help you find the perfect red hue and the fringe that looks best for your face shape. Don’t even hesitate before scheduling an appointment with your hairstylist, you will love your new red mane.