11 Razored Bob Cuts That Are Way Too Classy

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Razor cut bobs are gaining attention with every passing minute. If you are a little billeted about how to style razored haircuts are, let us get that clear. Extremely sharp razors are used to cut layers into the hair, resulting in a wispy haircut. You have probably seen everyone rocking these haircuts.


Coolest Razored Bob Hairstyles

Check out these 11 razor cut bob suggestions with pictorial representation which are given below.

1. A-line Lob

Razored A-line Lob

A-line bobs have been a crowd pleaser since forever! This is the reason why new ways to spice a regular bob is always welcome. The idea of transforming a regular aline bob into a razor cut bob is a perfect idea. This haircut is the right representation of a little bit of something old.

At the same time, a little bit of something new. The result of having this wispy bob cut is amazing. It looks fresh and voluminous. It is the right haircut to opt for!


2. Lob with Middle Part Bangs

long razored bob with bangs

The lob or in other words referred to as the long bob. This razored bob has been one of the hairstyles that have gained a lot of attention recently. A perfect way to add even more layers to the lob is by adding a fringe. The fringe helps shape your face even more. This hairstyle is perfect for people who want their hairstyles to frame their face.


3. Plum Brown Hair

Honey Brown Razored Bob Haircut

Highlights and razored cut go together hand in hand. The hint of honey brown color adds a dimension of natural color, which is perfect. This haircut and color are suitable for every face shape. The layers in the front and back will help shape your face all around.


4. Curly Razored Bob

Curly Razored Bob

If you notice keenly, in this haircut the hair at the back is much shorter and layered. If you are someone who is used to short hair and wants to change it up. This hairstyle is a perfect fit for you. For any season, any face shape and face tone. Even though this razor cut bob seems edgy there is no chance of it looking bad.


5. Layered Bob

Layered Razored Bob

This haircut is a little bit more towards the emo side. But it can be rocked by anyone who isn’t afraid of looking edgy. The multiple layered bangs right from the top of the crown to ends of the hair add a lot of wispiness and volume. If you have thin straight hair this haircut will give you the perfect illusion of volume.


6. Messy Bob with Bangs

This cut is a perfect representation of classic mixed with edgy. The entire haircut itself is classic and done before. But with the addition of having the ends of the bangs and razored bob cut adds a little edge. If this haircut were to be cut straight it would look completely different.

This haircut is perfect for anyone, especially if you have a round face. The bangs and multiple layers in front will help shape your face perfectly.


7. Pink Bob

Pink Razored Bob Cut

The pink hair complements the long bob perfectly. This hair color and haircut is perfect for festival season. The pink and purple ombre gives out strong unicorn vibes, and pairs perfectly with the multiple layers. This haircut is edgy and fun. Since the roots are black, it can suit anyone, as long as it’s carried with confidence!


8. Tousled Bob

This straight line fringe hair cut is something we’ve been seeing since we were little girls. Pair this straight cut with a razor bob cut and have these styles complement each other.


9. Long Blonde Layers

This is another variation to spice up your usually blonde hair. You could have this cut with or without the fringe as well. Either way, this haircut adds fun to a regular long blonde hair with bangs.


10. Chic Razor Bob Cut

razored bob hairstyles for women

This haircut is perfect if you are someone who has a co-corporate job. This haircut screams chic and the honey brown highlights just add to it. It is perfect for an office goer who wants to keep it fresh but also wishes to look professional.


11. Short Stacked Bob with Bangs

razor bob with red highlights

This stacked razor cut bob hairstyle has the right balance of edge both haircut wise and hair color wise. The red adds the right amount of color. The haircut is fun and edgy as well. This hairstyle would suit anyone, which is why you should go for it.


Razored bob haircuts are extremely trendy, and now’s the right time to get it. These haircuts are stylish, comfortable yet manageable. If you are someone who is always on the go, these haircut suggestions are apt for you. You need to spend 10 minutes to do your hair and still look presentable and beautiful.