6 Extravagant Plum Brown Hairstyles to Explore

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Yes, plum brown hair colors are a thing and we’re all here for it! This very rich and unique trend is not a single shade but can be done in numerous ways. That’s why it is so amazing, ladies can really experiment with the dye and adapt it to their preferences. It combines brown and plum hues, and the final result is always stunning. This does sound like a fall color, but you will be obsessed with it this spring.


Alluring Plum Brown Hairstyles

Here we rounded up 6 of the prettiest hairstyle variations with plum brown hair dye to try right now.

1.  Tousled Bob

Dark Plum Brown Hair Color

The dark plum brown hair look is very glamorous and rich. With tousled hair bob cut, this hair color will flourish.

Ideal for: It’s best for women who prefer dark hair dyes over light.

How to Style: Keep it shiny and fresh with regular visits to the salon.


2. Brownish Plum Hair with Purple Hints

Plum Brown Hair with Purple Highlights

You can add some purple tones to this plum brown hairstyle and make it even cooler.

Ideal for: If your love for purple is big, go for it!

How to Style: This color will need extra care with color-correcting and protecting shampoos, toners, and conditioners.


3. Sleek and Straight

long plum brown hair color

In this style, the lighter brownish plum hair tones will be in the root and middle sections, while the dark brown in the bottom.

Ideal for: Great for ladies who are open to interesting ideas that are not too dramatic.

How to Style: Ask your hairstylist for a reverse ombre dye with these colors.

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4. Deep Brown Hair with Plum Highlights

Deep Brown Hair with Plum Highlights

Dark, deep, rich dark plum brown hair can be your starting point.

Ideal for: Great for the women that prefer the dark side of the brown scale.

How to Style: Keep the mane fresh with proper hair care products.


5. Plum and Blonde Highlights

dark brown hair with plum highlights

If these two hues are not enough for you, you can always make the hairstyle even more eye-catching by including blonde highlights.

Ideal for: This layered hairstyle with bangs is the perfect option for younger and bolder gals that are in love with highlights.

How to Style: Ask for both blonde and plum highlights added to a lighter brown hue. You will be so happy with the result.


6. Plum Brown Ombre Hair

Plum Brown Ombre Hair

Ombre is not going anywhere anytime soon. Spice things up a little bit by making a strong case of plum brown hair ombre style.

Ideal for: If you are skeptic about this color, you can do the ombre technique and keep your natural brown color. It means that you’ll only be adding plum hints to the middle and bottom sections. If you don’t like it, you can fix it easily.

How to Style: After getting this look, make sure that you use color-protecting products.


Plum brown hair is not one of those everyday trends like platinum, opal, or pastel. This is a technique that is great for all ages, lengths, styles, events, skin tones, eye colors. What makes it so good is its simplicity. You definitely can’t imagine everyone rocking platinum blonde. With plum brown, there is no such thing. Another bonus is that it actually comes in a range of looks which you can try out. Which one was your favorite?