23 Best Pastel Purple Hairstyles That Turn Heads

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Styles and trends are forever evolving, that’s the beauty of it. You have probably seen celebrities sport hairstyles with pastel purple hair color. With so many brands coming up with a temporary color that lasts for a week, there is absolutely no reason not to color your hair. You could be brown one week and the purple pastel another!


Amazing Pastel Purple Hairstyles

We have shortlisted 23 pastel purple hairstyles to inspire your new look.

1. Ballerina Bun

ballerina bun with pastel purple hair

Buns are so doable. Which is what makes them a pleasure to do. Here you have a messy version of a ballerina bun. Perfect for your 2nd or 3rd hair day. Perfect for the summer as well, because the majority of your hair is out of the way. Adding a pink hairband adds innocence to it. The color of the hairband also complements the color of your hair. All in all, this hairstyle is enjoyable and can be worn with anything.


2. Extravagant Side Fringe

short pastel purple hair with side fringe

The best way to beat the heat is by cutting your hair short. This extravagant side fringe is a great way to style it up. To complement the side fringe, you could keep one side short. This pastel purple ombre pixie haircut is edgy, in trend and practical for this summer and spring.


3. Braid It Up

short pastel purple with braid

The best way to spice a normal hairstyle up is with a braid. Braiding across is a great way to create a hairband effect as well. Another plus point is that braids look so much better when you have different shades of color in your hair.

All the colors really tend to show up in the braid. This hairstyle short colored hair can be worn for when you are just going to place like the mall. Or, when you are out for a brunch and you want to dress it up a little.


4. Half Space Bun Updo

space bun with pastel purple hair

This hairstyle could be named one of Coachella’s most worn hairstyles. Nothing screams festival like pastel purple hair and space buns. This hairstyle is a great variation for a regular half updo. You can either tie it up neat or make the buns messy.


5. Purple Stacked Bob

Pastel Purple Bob

Bobs are great for spring and summer. Other than the fact this hairstyle is perfect for summer and spring, it also is fun and chic. Going all out with your bob and having it in purple pastel is a great idea. Adding a side fringe is another great dimension to add in order to shape your face.


6. Braided Purple Hair Updo

Regular buns can be repetitive. Sometimes you need to spice it up for a more formal event. But you also want your hair to be up and away. In those situations, this braided hairstyle is just perfect. It has a boho-chic look to it. Adding a braid or two from the crown and then incorporating it in the braid is also a great idea. It looks like you took the effort to dress up and be somewhere.


7. Shave It Off

There is a certain empowerment that dawns over women when we shave our hair. This is why this side shave is so empowering to look at. This pastel purple dyed hairstyle adds so much edge to your usual look. At the same time, it is fun to play with and something that will make you stand out from the crowd.


8. Braid and Twist

The fun thing about braids is that there are so many ways you could do it. This twisted braid on the crown area is one of them. It is easy to do French braid paired with a twist. With this braided half updo, you could have loose curls you are sure to look extravagant.


9. Roses in Your Hair

This loose braid with an addition of your hair twirled around to mimic roses is a beautiful hairstyle. You could pair this half updo style with the rest of your hair in loose curls or waves and be ready to go anywhere.


10. Messy Half Bun

pastel purple messy half bun

Another great variation for just the regular bun hairstyle. This half updo bun is messy and at the same time beautiful enough to sport almost anywhere. Let a few hair strands down to frame your face and you have it.


11. Pastel Purple Mohawk

Pastel Purple Mohawk Haiorstyle for Women

Another empowering hairstyle for a female to sport this spring and summer inspired pastel purple hair dye look. It is short, crisp and chic. With the right confidence, this hairstyle will rock it.


12. Chic Sleek Ponytail

You can never really underestimate a regular pony. This classic ombre hairstyle is so versatile to wear. It is perfect for a regular college or school day. All you need to do is pull out some baby hairs near your years and you are ready to go.


13. Razor Cut Bob

The multiple layers and razor cut give this hairstyle a lot of volumes. This bob is fun and chic. There is very little hair to maintain. Hence, if you are not someone who puts too much effort for their hair, this is perfect for you.


14. Side Braids

Tight braiding one side of your hair is the best way to give an illusion of a razor cut. This hairstyle looks badass at the same time looks feminine.


15. Braided Half Updo

braided half updo with pastel purple hair

If you want to take your half up half down messy bun to the next level, pastel purple hair dye is a good option. All you have to do is take two sections and braid it upwards into a bun. Then continue to make a voluminous bun and pin it down.


16. Messy Rock Chic

If you are someone who loves to stand out from the crowd, this rock chick hairstyle is perfect. It’s a portrayal of a girl who is confident in her skin. The uneven fringe is a nice touch to the A-line bob.


17. Put It to One Side

This is another great hairstyle for hair. You want the roots of your pastel purple hair to be greasy for this hairstyle. All you have to then make a deep side parting. This hairstyle is perfect if you are on the go.


18. Clip It Up

This hairstyle is perfect if you have bangs and want to ‘not’ wear them. It is also a great pastel hairdo otherwise. The curls add that oomph to the entire look.


19. Curly Half Up Hair

This hairstyle is perfect for a beach day or even if you are going out for a fancy lunch. All you have to do is French braid on one side and take the braid across. Although it looks like you took a lot of effort, in reality, it is actually quite simple to follow. That is the great part about this hairstyle.


20. Pin It Up with Bangs

pastel purple hair with bangs

If you have bangs this is a good way to style your pastel purple hair. All you have to do is pin the crown area behind and head out.


21. Braid It Backward

This updo is perfect. The loose braids make the purplish pastel hair look like it has so much volume. In addition, you can wear this hairstyle almost anywhere to any occasion.


22. Half Braided Pigtails

braided pigtails on pastel purple hair

This French braids into a pony is a perfect way to spice your regular braids. You can either keep the remaining hair straight or have loose curls in them.


23. Bob with Braid

pastel purple bob for women

Another stellar idea to take it up a notch is hair jewels. They add extra sparkle. In this case, the extra sparkle is been added to braided bob with pastel purple hair dye.


All of the above pastel purple hairstyles can be worn almost anywhere for any occasion or situation. Which is what makes it so much fun to do. Sometimes taking time to do your hair is also important. Sporting the same hair everywhere can but convenient but boring. Putting effort into the way you look also means putting in effort for yourself. At the end of the day, anything that adds to your breathtaking outfit and style is an added bonus always.