10 Offbeat Mohawk Hairstyles with Shaved Sides for Women

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Mohawk hairstyles with shaved sides are one of the hottest hairstyles in town! Both men and women are getting themselves a Mohawk style to fit in with the fashion industry. Check out the best looks of this punk hairstyle for women and get one for yourself too!


Funky Side Shaved Mohawk Hairstyles

Following are the boldest and most unique Mohawk hairstyles with shaved sides for women.

1. Chic Mohawk Bun

mohawk bun with shaved sides

This side shaved Mohawk hairstyle is perfect for those who wish to sport a Mohawk for a change but don’t really want to get rid of their long hair. Shave your sides almost completely and keep the mid part long. Go for a back braid and then pull your hair into a messy, classic bun for the complete chic look.


2. French Braid Mohawk Style

french braid mohawk with shaved sides

Try out this gorgeous Mohawk style with a French braid on top blending into a long, sleek ponytail at the back. Keep the sides of the head shaved and to enhance the look, you could dye your hair a faded green or blue and rock this look anywhere!


3. Ombre Mohawk with Shaved Sides

Ombre Mohawk with Shaved Sides

Mohawk styles are in fashion these days, and so is the ombre look! So, why not opt for a mix of both? If you are a fan of the ombre look, try out this Mohawk hairstyle with shaved sides. Keep your hair a natural length from the center and try the classic ombre look for them.


4. Mohawk with Sleek Fishtail Braid

fishtail braided mohawk hairstyle for women

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most classic looks of all times! Fish braids look chic and elegant at the same time on any woman. Combining them with a Mohawk for a unique hairstyle is a very creative idea! If you have long hair, try this Mohawk style. Shave the sides and make fish braids for the entire length. If your hair is a metallic shade, the look will be even more enhanced.

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5. Braided Mohawk Style

braided mohawk with shaved side

Mohawk styles coupled with braids looks wonderful! The sides are completely shaved in this case, bringing a fad look for the side part. Geometric lines or waves can also be styled on the sides for a trendier look. The remaining hair should be closely braided or knit together. Shiny black hair looks the best for this look.


6. Short and Spiky Mohawk

This side shaved Mohawk style has a quirky feel to it. With sides completely shaved and the top and mid part of the kept short and spiky, it makes the face look young and pretty. And, the unicorn purple hue just adds the element of ‘quirky’ to it.

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7. Stunning Silver Mohawk Hairstyle

mohwak with shaved side for silver blonde hair

Silver or ‘salt and pepper hair’ as we call it is completely in this season! This elegant color is no more associated with oldies! Youth is explicitly opting and getting their hair dyed the shade of silver and are sporting crazy hairstyles with it.

The sides are shaved short and the remaining hair is kept short too to get a classic Mohawk. The strands are blow-dried backward to define the face better and get a proper forehead line for a clean look.


8. Fiery Green Mohawk

Get your hair dyed a fiery green and cut them super short to stand out amongst the rest! Fiery greens look bold and beautiful on women. Mohawk hairstyle with shaved sides is also completely in trend. Combine the two and look chic in this hairstyle. Shave a great part of the sides, leaving only a thin patch of the hair in the mid-section to achieve this Mohawk look.


9. Adding Pink to The Spunk Mohawk

funky mohawk hairstyle with shaved sides

Black hair with a hint of hot pink dye on them looks sassy. In this side shaven Mohawk haircut, the sides are almost completely shaved, leaving just a strand close to the ears on both sides. And, the middle, as well as top hair, keeps long and natural. For the front, short fringes add the sassy touch to it, of course, the hot pink is the spunk to it!


10. Mohawk with A Rainbow Hue

vibrant mohawk hairstyle with shaved sides

Mohawk styles are very versatile! You can combine multiple styles and hues and blend them into one to get something to suit yourself! If you prefer the rainbow look for the hair and are a fan of Mohawks too, this look is meant for you! The sides are shaved with defined geometric shapes dyed a vibrant hue. The remaining hair is kept a little spiky for an elaborate colorful short hair look.


Pick the Mohawk hairstyle with shaved sides that suit your face structure and matches your style. Get yourself one today and create a newer trend.