8 Alluring Long Pixie Haircuts with Bangs for Women to Explore

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Pixie cuts are classically super short styles but recently the ‘pixie cut with long bangs’ has become more popular. This look is still a short haircut, but perhaps not as severe as the classic short pixie. Using bangs is also a clever way to soften the look and make it perhaps a bit more wearable and accessible.


Classic Bangs Styles for Long Pixie Cut

These are the most beautiful pixie with long bangs hairstyles for short hair lover women.

1. Pixie Cut with Highlights

long pixie with bangs and highlights

This pixie cut with long, side-swept bangs is et off with a number of brown highlights throughout the black hair. Highlights do a great job of changing the colour and appearance of the hair, and in this look, they serve to add depth and therefore, the appearance of texture to the hair.

This look is also very naturally styled with very slight, gentle waves. Avoiding the temptation to straighten the bangs results in a much more relaxed style and is also super-low maintenance.


2. Wavy Pixie

long curly pixie with bangs

Pixie cuts with long bangs are great because the extra length of the hair can be used to add curls and waves to the hair, either by playing up curls that are already there with a bit of mousse and scrunching or by adding them with heat tools like tongs or wands. Blonde highlights on red hair add an extra edge to the look.


3. Ombre Pixie and Choppy Bangs

long pixie cut with choppy bangs

Undercutting involves using the clippers to shave just a little of the underneath of the hair, whilst leaving longer layers on the top. The choppy bangs are very flattering for most face shapes too and add a bit of softness to the look.


4. Platinum Pixie

long platinum pixie with side bangs

This look makes use of bleach and toner to achieve an almost pure-white look, which along with grey has been very fashionable lately. Whilst white and grey are typically associated with old ladies, young women have been reclaiming these colours as trendy shades.

The great thing about having a pixie with long bangs is that the shorter hair can bear the brunt of harsher dyes and chemicals needed to achieve such a light shade, and then be cut off as it grows out if it does become damaged.


5. Thick Bangs

long pixie cut with thick bangs

This look incorporates bangs as part of the cut rather than a separate entity and as a result, the look is very well balanced. The bangs are heavier than would be typical on a longer style but this means that they blend with the rest of the cut seamlessly. The long pixie with bangs can be sculpted and shaped to suit your face and the look you hope to achieve.


6. Lifted with Layers

long layered pixie with bangs

Less harsh than using bleach to achieve highlights, a high lift can be used to take the hair to a lighter shade whilst maintaining some of its natural colour. This can achieve a natural, sunny look like that shown here. The bangs make use of layering to blend them into the rest of the hair and add some texture and interest to the cut.


7. Sunset Tones

long pixie cut with bangs

Here’s a look that’s ‘inspired by nature’ without being natural. Taking the idea of blending pinks, reds, oranges and purples from the sky at sunset and translating it into a look for hair is very unique, but the result is very beautiful!

It works well on a longer layered pixie cut too as the layers can hold different colours and be styled together to achieve a blended look. The long bangs on pixie cut offer plenty of versatility in terms of styling as well.


8. Pink Highlights on Brown Hair

long messy pixie with bangs

Long pixie with bangs are great for experimenting with different cutting techniques and colours as they grow out quite quickly so nothing is too permanent. This style makes use of undercutting, as well as long layers and a faded colour technique, all of which combine to add plenty of interest to the style.

Pixie with long bangs span a real range of styles from sleek and professional to extremely alternative, they’re great for experimenting with as they grow out and can be changed quickly. If you think a long pixie with bangs is for you then it should be easy to find a look that suits you as there are plenty to choose from.