6 Ways to Style Long Layered Bob Haircuts with Bangs

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Long layered bob with bangs are so popular and there are so many different ways to style them which is great as it’s nice to be able to switch up your daily look. We’ve gathered together several different looks to provide you with inspiration.

Trendy Layered Long Bob with Bangs Hairstyles

These are chicest ideas for wearing long bobs with layers and bangs for women.

1. Chignon Bun

chignon bun for long layered bob with bangs

Chignon hairstyles (rolled hair at the nape of the neck) look instantly classy and are well suited to special occasions. It can be harder to roll shorter hair but some extra bobby pins can help to hold everything in place.

If you want to push your bangs out of the way of long layered bob a hairband can be a great accessory, not only to look great but also to hold the hair in place. Alternatively, styling the bangs also looks good.


2. Medium Layered Bob with Long Side Bangs

layered lob with long side bangs

A long bob with side bangs and layers looks great with a side parting and bangs can incorporate into this. Graduated side bangs look great when combined with a side parting, like in this style, seeming very casual yet also edgy.


3. Layered Inverted Bob with Bangs

Face framing layered bob with bangs

Adding plenty of layers around the face is a nice way of softening the bob haircut which does get a reputation for being a little severe. Here soft, side-swept bangs frame the eyes and the face whilst the layers and graduated cutting around the face keep the edges soft and the look light and airy.

Depending on your natural hair texture the layers can be used to thin out thick ends or to add body and texture to thinner hair. A classic long layered bob with bangs hairstyle for women.


4. Red Hair with Bangs

layered long bob with blunt bangs

If you want to embrace the blunt reputation that the long layered bob haircut with bangs gets then this is definitely the way to do it. Severe, straight hair with blunt ends and blunt bangs to match, this look is bold and very trendy, but depending on the shape of your face can be extremely flattering on longer, oval-shaped faces providing balance.


5. Pinned Back Bangs

girl with long layered bob and bangs

Wavy hair suits a long bob hairstyle with bangs and layers so well, adding texture to what can be a very simple look. Whilst bangs can be super flattering and a great look there can also be times where you want them out of the way.

Whether it’s to show off a make-up look on a special occasion or to keep a bit cooler in hot weather, pinning bangs back is always an option. Using a pretty clip or slide can really make this look.


6. Tousled Bob

loose curly layered bob with bangs

Curly bob weave is always a good look! They add interest, texture, and body to the hair and there are many different types of curls that can be achieved through different styling methods, tools and products. Using curls to style a long layered bob with bangs really enhances the style by creating a slightly different look.


Long layered bobs with bangs are popular for a reason; they are very flattering on almost everyone. If you have this haircut or are considering it, then these styles are very achievable and can add interest to the classic long bob.